Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing: Wave Eight Brass Dragon Expansion Pack

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Janic is a respected brass dragon, known for her shrewd tactics, captivating charm, and earthy wisdom. The fact that her reputation for these qualities was achieved by bragging about herself all the time does not bother her in the slightest. In battle, she prefers to incapacitate her foes with a powerful sleep breath, and if they persist in their arrogant assault, she has no problem singeing them with her deadly flame breath.

A little flattery is usually all it takes to win Janic’s aid if the cause is noble enough. The Harpers have used this ploy to secure her help against the Cult of the Howling Hatred, a force of air elemental cultists set on wanton destruction. Janic and her allies must confront the cultists at Feathergale Spire with extreme care; if even one air cult messenger escapes the battlefield, the brass dragon will be overwhelmed by a swarm of hostile reinforcements.

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