Pathfinder Battles—2014 Promotional Figure: Shadowfire Elemental

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Base Size Medium

The Shadowfire Elemental is a promotional repaint of the Medium Fire Elemental figure from the Shattered Star set. It was originally produced in 2013 as a convention promo figure, but was incorporated into the 10-figure Emerald Spire Promo Set to support the Pathfinder Online Kickstarter effort. That left us with the original run of the figure, which has never before been distributed. This version of the Shadowfire Elemental is based on the same paint master as the figure in the Promo Set, but as it was produced in a different production run, there are slight differences in the paint application. The base is also different, featuring the Paizo logo and "2013" instead of the Emerald Spire set designation. Statistics for the Shadowfire Elemental template can be found on page 157 of the Emerald Spire Superdungeon. The Shadowfire Elemental is a Medium figure.

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Average product rating:

3.30/5 (based on 3 ratings)

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Excellent multi-functional miniature.


This is a really good miniature that can be used in dynamic ways.

This miniature is an excellent solution for when you know you need an elemental, but you don't know which one. Or, if you don't want to plunk down four times as much money to buy the same amount of each of the standard elementals. It also nicely fits the role of any ghost, spectre, banshee, etc.

The ones I received were dark purple translucent, with black and white painted highlights. Since these are not normal colors for miniatures, they always get a lot of attention when I bring them out and place them on the map.

The pose is threatening, the detail is really good - especially on the face, and despite being thick and imposing, it stays within the normal medium-sized one inch square. Personally, I really like this mini, and I use it often for many different purposes.

Peril Emerging from Lightless Depths


This is a fine miniature that works great as a shadow miniature. It has a dynamic pose contributing to a great sculpt, something that is hard to manage in pre-painted plastic. It maintains good board presence whenever it's on the mat. I agree with the other reviewer that the paint wash could have been lighter to allow for the transparent effect to matter more. As it is, you can't tell this is transparent plastic at all unless the room illumination is bright. You basically have to be holding it up to the light to notice it, which is a shame. One of the biggest advantages pre-painted plastic has over traditional miniatures is the clear effects and that's totally wasted here. Still, the pose makes this mini a winner in my book.

Almost as bad as it could be.


I was really looking forward to this mini. When it arrived today, the best I can say is I dislike it. I want to say I feel ripped off, and I will say the item description seems to be misleading.

It states there can be a slight deviation in paint scheme. Look at the image for the is a transparent blue/purple. The mini I got is a really, really badly done black and white/gray. I could paint this a better black and white/gray blindfolded. Plus it is a FAR deviation from the attested image. The legalese might be able to twist words like slight deviation/slightly altered and so on (the key word is "slightly"), but this is well beyond slight.

Also one of the arms was broken off. About the only positive thing I can say about this mini is the base is attached.

Generally speaking I am satisfied with my overall purchases from Paizo, but this was really horrible. Shame on you.

To paraphrase Johnny Gasparini from the movie 'Better Off Dead'..."I want my five dollars!". Sigh.

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