Pathfinder Society Scenario #6–13: Of Kirin and Kraken (PFRPG) PDF

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 7–11.

When imperial Lung Wa collapsed over a century ago, it shattered not only the political ties that united the successor states but also the philanthropic order known as the Way of the Kirin. Today, despite having allied itself with Venture-Captain Amara Li’s thriving Lantern Lodge and funded the Pathfinder Society’s endeavors in Tian Xia, the Way controls only a handful of its once-extensive web of strongholds. One of its leaders in Kwanlai has decided that it is time for Amara Li to demonstrate her dedication to her allies: by recovering one of the order’s most treasured relics lost in the swamps of Wanshou. It is up to the PCs to brave the realm of a kraken god-king in order to keep the Society’s alliance intact.

Content in “Of Kirin and Kraken” also contributes directly to the ongoing storylines of the Sovereign Court faction.

Written by Kris Leonard.

This scenario is designed for play in Pathfinder Society Organized Play, but can easily be adapted for use with any world. This scenario is compliant with the Open Game License (OGL) and is suitable for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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Average product rating:

3.80/5 (based on 13 ratings)

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A solid module with some interesting challenges


I was a bit discouraged when I saw several of the other reviews describe this as a dungeon crawl, and a bunch of combat. I didn't find it to be that way. In fact one of the things that I liked about this mod is that several of the combats had opportunities where characters with tricks and clever strategies could make the fight a lot easier. I'll spoiler the details just to avoid giving things away . . .

Retriveing the Crown Fight:
Two things made this fight a lot easier than it might have been (and we could have been at a serious disadvantage because two of our casters favored electricity damage).

1. The mod gives you the wand of resist energy earlier on. If you can resist electricity damage, then the fight is a lot less scary.

2. An arcane trickster (or any spell caster with mage hand) can pick up the crown without going into the corner of the room. You can't pick up the magic loot, but if you can trigger the fight without a character getting stuck in the corner and taking a beating, then the fight is a lot less scary.

Boss Fight:
The water terrain poses an interesting challenge, but players who can deal with it have a lot easier time. We saw spider climbing across the ceiling, potions of touch of the sea, and a necklace of adaptation come into play. They're not items that come into play all the time, but since the briefing warns you about water hazards, it was nice to see proper preparation pay off.

This was one part of the final fight, which I think could have been more interesting.

Another thing about the Boss Fight:
The party apparently bursts in on the cultists as they are about to do something horrible to their captive. Then a fight breaks out and the captive just lies there, being helpless. If the cultists threw him in the water, or if the squid tried to drag him under, then you have an interesting challenge that is more than just dealing out lots of damage. Or maybe I am just bitter because my character spent several turns trying to save the guy, and I'm not sure he was ever in grave danger.

Neat setting, fun enemies


This scenario does a better job than most of setting up where the players are going and why. The enemies you encounter are new and interesting and can provide a serious challenge for players if handled properly. Not much chance for roleplaying, but there is a neat little NPC to deal with so overall a very solid scenario.

Rewards Murder Hobos


There a lot of adventures that are better for parties that actively murder everything in their path that stands in their way. Usually by making combat vastly easier than talking, or just having combat being the logical conclusion for diplomacy or just not having situations where talking is required.

This is the first adventure that I recall that actually can penalize you for not being a "murder hobo". One of the encounters causes the loss of prestige if you fail a diplomacy check, but that prestige can be regained by murdering the hell out of a LN creature or at minimum robbing him with him getting beaten by the party as we are vastly more well equipped than him.

I enjoy so much about the adventure, but this element takes this adventure from "highly recommend" to "never recommend".

I don't think it is the loss of prestige that gets me about this adventure. If that prestige was dependent on a successful diplomacy check, then I would be fine losing it, but the way it is set up, the party that fails the diplomacy check then kills him because he is not doing what they want get pretty much everything, while Mr. Silver Crusade here who successfully talked the party out of robbing the creature (they are watching) effectively lost the party both money and prestige.

This is not an element that I want to see in any scenario and I honestly would rather not see this ever run again. There are enough murder hobos in Society without encouraging them anymore.

5 Stars Minus 1 for Critical Editing Mistake


What a bizarre setting you find yourself in! Interesting roleplaying, mystery, ancient lore, and terrifying enemies. The author did an excellent job, but the editing process needed a few more hours. GMs are left not knowing how to 'run as written' if the information conflicts and isn't clear. If you are the GM, do your research and prepare thoroughly. If you are a player, sign up with that kind of GM.

Wait is that...?!?


A nice dungeon delve in Tian. While I (both in and out of character) was not especially versed in the backstory/current politics of either Tian Xia or the Way of the Kirin, the adventure set up the plot and goals quite well, and left me with both a clear idea of what was going on HERE, as well as intrigued to see follow ups with this plot in the future.

The scenario as a whole is primarily a dungeon delve into a sunken tower. Roleplaying opportunites were relatively limited, with one notable exception being a tower denzien we had great fun trying to come to terms with. The location itself was also well drawn and mapped, with enough structural details that kept us thinking things could go horribly wrong in a hurry.

The combats were quite fun, with the first being fairly easy and pedestrian but all the rest a cleverly designed change of pace from the norm. Nothing beats the final fight however, which had us yelling "What?" when a creature appears, then "WHAT?" when we realized what it was.

One thing I did not like however, is this scenario's new overland travel rules. It's a minor part of the scenario, and I appreciate the effort to minimize the 'make a bunch of checks over and over' way of showing a journey, but I think this went a bit too far in the other direction.

Making it all hinge on a single roll saves time, but also adds a LOT of swing to the outcome. It also didn't quite make narrative sense, in that it resulted in a bunch of ability damage all suddenly appearing at the end of a week's journey, without letting the characters be able to heal accruing ailments along the way (such as with prepared Lesser Restorations)

Overall, still a very solid dungeon dive, and a fun 7-11 that doesn't run overly long.

Review based on the 7-8 tier, with 5 players

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Webstore Gninja Minion

Announced for January!

The Exchange

I look forward to it.

The Concordance

So happy to see Tian Xia Scenarios are still coming!

Ok, this looks like it could be really good! Excited to be returning to Tian Xia. :-)

Dark Archive

Hope it comes out soon, I have some eager beavers!

Yay Kris!

Grand Lodge

So excited for this one! And that cover artwork is damned scary too!

Dark Archive

On page 16 in the room description for A11, it mentions the PCs needing to succeed at something. The sentence is cut off before letting you know what the skill and DC is.

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Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path, Maps Subscriber

The NPC on the cover is a ton of fun. Head-snappingly-"Wait, WHAT!??" first initiative pass.

Dark Archive

Is it just me, or have they interchanged the name of the kidnapped bard as both Hamada Sora and Ryoto Ryu? In the summary it's listed as Ryoto, then at king's area it's Hamate, later in the conclusion and the last room's description they are all over. It is just one person, right?

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