Book of Magic: The Lost Spell Words (PFRPG) PDF

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These never-before published spell words were lost, but not for all time. With these 10 new spell words, your wordcaster gains greater versatility and power over their enemies.

This short supplement to the Words of Power system includes:

  • 3 effect words: burning light, enhance mind, and torch,
  • 7 meta words: coax, creature, disguise, easily cast, ectoplasmic, object, and persistent.

Find new power with these Lost Spell Words!

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President, Jon Brazer Enterprises

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Jon Brazer Enterprises

If you're getting the Book of Magic: 10 Undead Spell Words, be sure to pick up The Lost Spell Words.

Jon Brazer Enterprises

Are you still interested in a sizable book of the Words of Power system? Like maybe expanded it to the ACG/OA classes? Tell us your thoughts?

Shadow Lodge

I'd love more Words. :)

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