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Cloak Yourself in Faith & Darkness!

The Known Lands of Aden are a dangerous and often dark place. Among the braves and most faithful of Aden’s people, the Thaumaturges walk boldly into the shadows, the brilliant light of legend and myth steeling their will and protecting them from harm even in the most sinister of circumstances. The Fallen, on the other hand, have been touched by the darkness against their will, and now they blend into the shadows to strike back at the evil that seeks to lay claim to their eternal souls. No matter how great the danger, no matter how deep the shadows, the Thaumaturges and the Fallen are there to lead the way.

It’s time to take Aden back from the Darkfall!

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5.00/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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Spoiler alert; my opinion of the Thunderscape class books are pretty much the same so I'll copy and paste part of the review for each entry.

I love me some classes from the hardcover Thunderscape: World of Aden. Sure the vehicles, races and lore is fun enough but the classes cover new grounds or feature new mechanics that are fun and innovative without being confusing or hard to use. I was skeptical about the $12 price tag but honestly the class books give you a lot of bang for that buck. I was not aware of how small these classes were until these books and not only do you get some sweet sweet mechanics for the Thunderscape classes but you get some more lore, NPC stats to put into your games and even some new options for your Pathfinder classes in almost 50 pages worth of content.

This book covers Thaumaturges and Fallen classes. The Fallen gets Bloodline-like 'Stigmas' that cover what kind of curse or catastrophe that influence their 'dark side' abilities. In the hardcover they have an choice of six stigmas, this PDF introduces 10 new ones, each just as awesome and as flavorful as the rest. Then there are two NPCs across three levels each. The Thaumaturge has the option of legends to call upon to possess them and give them abilities and talent-like aspects to help them out. The hardcover gives them the choice of 12 legends and 12 lesser and 12 greater aspects, this PDF gives 15 more legends, and while the hardcover covers basic non-caster character types for legends this book covers legends from beasts and devils to sages and martyrs with mechanics that just bleed flavor for your Thaumaturge. There are also gives 18 lesser and 13 greater aspects to further customize your Thaumaturge. Plus two more NPCs to cover the class within three different levels.

Now I counted out those numbers compared to the hardcover to emphasize just how much you're getting. This isn't something like getting a few new options for your new classes, you're getting more of their options than the book they appear in. That's more than I can say about some other PDFs. Plus you get yourself six NPCs so you don't have to work at building characters to fit these classes into your campaign.

You're also given some items which aren't nothing really interesting but add to some flavor for the classes inside. The magic items and weapon/armor property are more interesting in supporting the fallen and thaumaturge. You also get some new feats, some of which are so essential that I wonder why they don't appear in the main book, and some traits.

You also get some archetypes, a new Cleric domain, a new Sorcerer bloodline, and some advice on how to create the fluff for your Fallen of Thaumaturge including origin tables a la Ultimate Campaign.

Now granted you need to both have and like Thunderscape: World of Aden for this to be really valuable but even if you just like these two classes this is a lot of bang for the buck, not just giving you a ton of new options but tools on how to play these classes thematically, NPC stats to populate your world even if you aren't using Aden as a setting. With so much flavor and good mechanics filling these pages I have to recommend it for anyone that has the Thunderscape hardcover to get the most delight out of your experience. If you have the hardcover there is no reason to not get this book and every other book in the line of class option books. In fact it is one of the best class support books I've ever seen compelling me to give it five stars.

An excellent resource


"Saints and Sinners" is a class sourcebook for the Thunderscape campaign setting. It provides a chunk of options for characters of the fallen and thaumaturge classes, and more. (Scarman provides a helpful summary of what's included on the discussion page.)

It is 43 pages long, and as well as all the crunch provided above, it includes background to the two classes and how they fit into the setting of Aden. Also provided are roleplaying tips for each class, and a table offering suggestions for how the character became a member of their class. In addition, there are two sample NPCs for each class, detailed at level 1, 6 and 12.

The options presented in this book are fun and interesting. In fact several of the fallen abilities made me chuckle, while the thaumaturge options greatly increase the potential versatility of that class. The channeler’s icons are a must have for thaumaturge PCs, IMO, as they act a bit like pearls of wisdom, allowing a character to reactivate a consumed aspect.

Other points:
Personally, I think the mythwrought weapon ability should have a flat +1,000 gp price increase rather than having a +1 bonus price modifier. It should also have the option to inflict energy damage other than fire, but only one type of energy (perhaps chosen when first wielded).

The corrupted claws ability gained at 16th level deals the same damage as at 4th level; I suspect that this should have been increased.

The stat blocks follow an unusual format in that the racial abilities, class abilities and favoured class bonuses are included in their own entries. They should really have been included in the special attack line, special quality line (and so on), as appropriate.

Overall, if you are a fan of the Thunderscape campaign setting, or just the class options, this book is worth getting.

Webstore Gninja Minion

Now available!

Thanks Liz!

Once I'm off work I'll post a complete list of included mechanical options like I did for The Iron Guard Field Guide. Informed customers are happy customers!

I had a spare moment between classes!

Fallen Mechanics
• Apparition Stigma
• Cataclysm Stigma
• Drake Stigma
• Drowned Stigma
• Midnight Stigma
• Rimeweaver Stigma
• Sanguine Stigma
• Scrapheap Stigma
• Stormwracked Stigma
• Withered Stigma

Thaumaturge Legends
• The Arcadian
• The Beast
• The Champion
• The Demon
• The Faceless
• The Fencer
• The Haunt
• The Holy
• The Kraken
• The Magister
• The Martyr
• The Sage
• The Sentinel
• The Woodsman

Thaumaturge Aspects
• Acumen
• Allure
• Bloodlust
• Conquest
• Divinity
• Firepower
• Genius
• Guile
• Horsemanship
• Inspiration
• Nature
• Poison
• Potency
• Punishment
• Resolve
• Solitude
• Steadfastness
• Vigor

Thaumaturge Greater Aspects
• Arcana
• Death
• Defiance
• Eternity
• Intangibility
• Invincibility
• Lightning
• Meditation
• Mourning
• Power
• Precision
• Purity
• Radiance
• Transference

General Mechanics
• 5 new items
• 3 new magic weapon properties
• 7 new magic items
• 13 new feats
• 8 new traits
• Chimeric Archetype (Fallen)
• Carnivore Archetype (Fallen)
• Saint Archetype (Thaumaturge)
• Soulless Archetype (Thaumaturge
• 1 new cleric domain
• 1 new sorcerer bloodline

Wow, that is an awesome over art piece! And thanks for the rundown of what is inside!

Glad you like it, Wolfie! Jeff Porter does great work, doesn't he?

And I would feel guilty if someone purchased a book because of a mistaken impression of what it contained. For mechanic sourcebooks like this, I feel like transparency is the best way to ensure satisfied customers.

Hey Shawn - will these add-on class books be available in Print?

Im interested as well. Having hard copies of the class option books would be so valuable.

The Iron Guard Field Guide is already available in Print on Demand form from DriveThruRPG, and I'm waiting on the proof for Saints & Sinners to green light POD for it as well.

My crew keeps a small number of each on hand for conventions and such, and they look great! DTR's work is top notch.

The print-on-demand proof arrived today and it looked great! I have just now approved the ability to order PODs on DTR. I don't think you can do that here on Paizo but I'll see what I can do about getting them some hard copies. Might take a while, though!

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