Pathfinder Battles—Lost Coast: Half-Elf Haughty Avenger

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The Lost Coast is the name given to the coastal land of southwestern Varisia stretching from the city of Magnimar to the Fogscar Mountains. It is a wild and desolate country full of lingering fogs, small woodlands of pine and nettles along a rocky coastline of ragged bluffs and crashing waves. Many an adventuring party has travelled to the Lost Coast seeking fame and riches, never to be heard from again...

Lost Coast is the latest 45-figure set release in the award-winning Pathfinder Battles line of miniatures from Paizo and WizKids Games! The Lost Coast features friends and foes from the region of the same name, and is sure to please Pathfinder fans new and veteran alike!

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Average product rating:

1.80/5 (based on 4 ratings)

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The armor is done nicely. The face not so much. The sword is badly bent. The hair style matches the source art but looks bad on the actual miniature.

Good face - useless weapon.


Very disappointing miniature


I agree with the other reviewer about the bent sword. Every version I've seen has the bent sword, meaning something went wrong at the factory. The prototype image shows the sword completely straight, so somewhere along the line, the left arm was bent incorrectly during mass production.

I didn't get as lucky with the quality of the face on mine. The paint was applied rather sloppily, and she has dark streaks all over it.

I didn't rate it one star since the clothing is actually very well sculpted and painted. But all-in-all this was one of my most anticipated figures in the set since I love the original artwork in the NPC Codex, but the final product left me feeling disappointed.


I am still unsure why, but everyone of these I received in my case has something going on with their arms and the sword. Every sword is bowed and bent in the middle. I don't know if it is how the arms were glued on or a failure in the sculpt itself. But the bent swords make them look silly. Too bad because the faces were painted well on this figure.

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