Thunderscape—Lost Lexicon, Part 2: Radiant Demise (PFRPG) PDF

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The sleepy little village of Murdoch’s Cove has a secret. Foul monsters stalk the swamp, haunting ancient ruins and preying upon the villagers. The Knights of the Radiant Order are sworn to protect the cove, but they can barely protect themselves from this mysterious new threat. A strange journal holds the key to the truth, but its contents are cloaked in impenetrable code. The player characters (along with an old friend) are soon dragged into the center of this mystery. Can they find the truth and save the village from a mad scientist’s vengeance before it’s too late?

"Radiant Demise" includes the following:

  • An open world adventure for 4th to 7th level characters!
  • History and background for Arasteen and the Radiant Order!
  • New factions to serve as allies (or enemies) in the party’s epic quest!
  • New monsters, magic items, and character options!
  • And much more!

Pages: 64

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How many pages is this pdf?

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Freedom16 wrote:
How many pages is this pdf?

It's 64 pages.

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