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The famous anthropomorphic race created by Mick39 and Kiki-UMA from the world of Vilous comes to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! This is a product officially endorsed by Mick39 and Kiki-UMA (AKA the parallel bird friends)

Page Count: 11 pages (1 cover, 1 credit, 1 OGL,
PDF Optimized & Bookmarked
Original Art From: Mick39 and Kiki-UMA

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3.50/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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Admirable guide for a cool anthro race


Sergal Race Guide Review

Sergal Biology, Culture, and Characteristics

More than enough information is included to implement Sergals into any campaign world. They occupy a unique niche in Pathfinder compared to Catfolk and Kitsune which are the sneaky and mystical anthropomorphic races respectively. Sergals are honest, fierce, and militant in life and have a real racial culture instead of hiding within the culture of another. This can all lead to unique role play opportunities within a group.

Side Note: All information in this book was green lit by the original creators of the Sergal race and culture.


There are 9 pieces of art within this small PDF that don’t interfere with layout and provide a really good idea of how the race looks and various facial expressions. Also it has a baby Segal which is adorable. Art comes from the original home brewers of the race.
Racial Stats and alternate racial traits

Without giving specifics I found that the racial stats and abilities match the characteristics of Sergals as described in the Racial Overview. Sergals are have two racial arrays for the two major subspecies, Northern and Southern, have enhanced speed, some appropriate skill bonuses, natural attacks, weapon familiarity, and a set of alternate racial traits. Some tables for starting ages and sizes round out this section of the pdf.

My only gripe in the entire document is that the alternate racial trait replacing Weapon Familiarity is restricted to the Southern subspecies, so any Northern Sergals with martial weapon proficiency from their class won’t have an alternate racial option.


Included are three pieces of equipment. Two of which are variants of the Shotgun Lance commonly seen in Sergal artwork. The rules for the Shotgun lances allow for a versatile and cool weapon choice for any switch hitter proficient with firearms. The third piece of equipment is the awesome Sergal Style Ceramic Armor which sacrifices some of the protection of full plate for greater mobility. It’s the first heavy armor I would actually consider for a character that isn’t full plate, so it succeeds at being a viable choice for some builds.


This document is short, fun, and can very easily allow a DM to implement a new anthropomorphic player character race that sets itself apart from the other anthro races in both mechanics and lore. This is an 11 page PDF and I think it does an admirable job at building up the Sergal race, so I think it earned a 5/5.


I love the artwork in the book as well as the background information provided in the book. Additionally I can appreciate having the stats for the Sergal's ceramic armor and their cannon spears. Sadly those are the only things I like in the book, I strongly feel the stats and racial traits provided oppose the majority of what homebrew sergal users use.

2/5 for artwork and story.

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1 person marked this as a favorite.

So as a sergal player I have several issues with this.

1. Why do southerns lose the ability to craft and lose -2 int when they're known to be the smarter of the two subraces and known to admire their own craft work.

2 Why do they have a 1d4 bite when sergals are known to break bones with their bites, at the very least northerns should have 1d6

3. Northerns should be large size at least not medium.

4. Why wisdom bonuses? Northerns should gain a +2 str/con not str/wis.

I think instead of lumping the two Sergal types together it would have been better to do them as separate entities so that you can focus on the two rather than them as one.

We actually worked with Trancy Mick (Mick39) on this book and this was the way she wanted it to be done. Her friend Kiki had some input on it too.

1. Mick expressed that Sergals, as an entire species, only grow to the intelligence of a 14 year old human. Both variants (northern and southern) thus got a -2 Intelligence.

2. The bite racial trait (if you are using the race builder) grants a bite attack with damage two size categories lower that the race. As a medium creature they would normally have a 1d3 bite attack. Because they have particularly strong jaws this was boosted by expending additional points to give them a 1d4.

3. While taller, Northern end up standing about 6'6 on their upper end. Large creature in Pathfinder at typically between 8 and 16 feet. If you look at some of Mick's work you can see that a northern sergal tends to stand about a head taller (rather than many feet taller).

4. The bonus to Wisdom show that they have better instincts and "common sense" than the average human due to their predatory nature.

Mick wanted to do them as a single race with more cultural differences than biological. However, if you would like to make them two separate races in your home game the races here could defiantly work as a good starting point. If you bump the northern sergal up to a large size, remember to adjust their bite damage up a bit. If you do so- I also advise you take a look at possibly switch out their bonus to Strength for something else as, when combined with the Str bonus from being large sized, it can be a bit overwhelming for a player character race. Dex would probably be a good substitute.

Thanks for the questions!

From what I understand, there isn't actually a str bonus associated with being large. There are bonuses and penalties associated with changing sizes however

Source: Giant Template
Monster Advancement rules

As such a race that starts at Large size for player character use wouldn't get any bonuses or penalties for their size except for racial benefits/penalties.

Also I'm gonna review this book pretty soon.

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Since this was a short PDF I squeezed out a review for it before tackling Alternate Path Martial/Magic Characters.

As a denizen of /tg/ I can say that I like the Sergals as represented in this PDF and like that this PDF presents something respectable I can show to a DM if I want to play a Sergal.

I want to put this review on Drivethrurpg, but I didn't buy it there. If I can get a review copy from Drivethru I will copy this one over.

Sure, shoot me an email ( or a PM and give me the email address to send it to. Thanks for the review.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I got my brother to legalize the content in this book for his next campaign and I'm looking forward to playing that character :)

I think I already sent a PM around when I submitted my Alternate Path Martial characters review.

After buying the Pdf, I find that it didn't have anything you could not find out about sergals if just look into them at all, I would only show to people new to sergals {or SL players do to they don't know a thing about them.} and even then you could find all about it from other sources. I would like to ask the Book makers to add more to this Pdf in all fields. it was only 3$'s but that lack of anything really useful was disappointing.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

A lot of the information I've found on Sergals on the net is contradictory and sometimes a little odd. I like that with this PDF you can just say "This is a Sergal" instead of sending someone out into the depths of the internet.

Also I'd like to point out that the entirety of most Paizo releases can also be found by "looking into it" on other sources too.

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