The Secrets of Cats (Fate)

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Cats are magical; cats understand sacrifice and the power of names. A decapitated mouse left on the doorstep or pillow is a powerful ward, and a spell wailed by the cat chorus confers even greater protection. When evil is on the rise and the safety of the neighbourhood is at stake the Parliament of Cats is there to stand firm against the darkness.

Take Silver Ford, for example, a sleepy tourist town near a played-out old silver mine. When kids messing around in the mine accidentally rouse an ancient evil on All Hallows’ Eve, the secret and magical cats of the neighbourhood are the only thing protecting their special people from the things that go bump in the night.

This 50 page Fate Core adventure provides everything you need to play from character generation to plot and setting ideas, including a new feline magic system based on true names and sacrifices made to protect your human Burdens.

The Secrets of Cats. Sharpen your claws and prepare to defend your territory!

Written by Richard Bellingham
Art by Crystal Frasier

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Webstore Gninja Minion

5 people marked this as a favorite.

This artist...this artist is familiar to me...

Liberty's Edge

Starfinder Superscriber

This looks awesome. Will there be a PDF, ever, do you know?

4 people marked this as a favorite.

What a great idea for a book...I must pester my human into getting it.

Sovereign Court

rknop wrote:
This looks awesome. Will there be a PDF, ever, do you know?

Sorry Liz, but I saw this on DTRPG as an E-Book and already convinced our next GM to snag it and run. Appears to be serious fun, though!

Dark Archive

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rknop wrote:
This looks awesome. Will there be a PDF, ever, do you know?

I've had the PDF for a month or so. I think I bought it on Drivethru.

If you want to play FATE using cats, then I'd thoroughly recommend it. If you don't, then what is wrong with you?

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