Mythic Minis 34: Guardian Path Abilities II (PFRPG) PDF

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Guardian Path Abilities II brings you 7 brand-new mythic path abilities for the Guardian path, from aerial defenses like Eyes on the Skies and Skyshield to abilities no ever-ready sentinel should be without like Battlemagic Sense and Chargebreaker!

Mythic Minis are short, inexpensive products designed to take one rules concept or set of Pathfinder RPG rules and bring them to you in a new way for the mythic rules, including converting existing rules as well as introducing entirely new rule options. Created by the same designers that helped bring you the official mythic rules, Mythic Minis skip the fluff and give you all crunch, all the time.

Nobody knows mythic like Legendary Games, and whether it's new mythic feats, class abilities, path abilities, magic items, or anything else, every Mythic Mini delivers a delicious dollop of dazzling design that will fill out your mythic experience one slice at a time. Check for a new Mythic Mini every Monday to make your game just a little more Legendary!

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4.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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All right, you know the deal - 3 pages - 1 page front cover, 1 page SRD, 1 page content, let's go!

We get 3 1st tier abilities:

-Chargebreaker: Deal extra damage against foes that have charged you last turn. Also deal extra damage against charging foes. Alternatively, forego this extra damage to execute a combat maneuver, with some requiring a use of mythic power and adding a bonus to it.

-Eyes on the Skies: Immediate awareness of any flying creature within mythic tier x 100 ft as long as you have line of effect. Expend mythic power to locate creature such foes, with no need to specify the creature type. Exact positions can be pinpointed within 20 ft + 10 ft. x mythic tier as per blindsense and gain uncanny dodge versus flying creatures whose location you know. Pretty awesome and mythic!

-Instantaneous Armamentarium: Pick up shields or weapons as a free or immediate action and take off/put on armors as a move action. Also, use mythic power to summon them to your hand, with reach governed by mythic tier. More mythic power can be expended to negate this max distance. Pretty cool, but I think the weapon/armor-summon-component needs clarification on what armor/weapon can be called - otherwise it can be used offensively. I assume a 24-hour wearing period was intended, but not implemented.

There also are 3 new 3rd tier abilities:

-Battlemagic Sense: Better spell-identification; use mythic power to temporarily treat your Spellcraft RANKS as your BAB; also: better chance of forcing concentration-botches and counterspell successfully identified spells as an immediate action, even if you don't have line of sight. No, that's not all this one does. Nice one!

-Blade of Reason: When identifying creatures, treat your weapons as bane property for 1/2 mythic tier rounds. For mythic power, apply bane to all creatures of the same type/subtype.

-Reflexive Retaliation: Whenever you take 10 points or more damage in melee by a single attack by a foe in reach, you may execute a retaliation at 1d6 points - automatically. Add mythic power for more damage. Automatic hit, but limited and at a low damage-output. Interesting!

The pdf also sports 1 new 6th tier ability:

-Skyshield: When wearing a shield, you gain cover versus attacks from above - and as a neat bonus, this includes all eventualities, including siege weapons. It gets better - while this one is ex, using mythic power turns it SU and allows you to generate walls of force versus attacks from above. And yes, the wording is concise, the wall modular. Glorious!


Editing and formatting are very good, I noticed no significant glitches. Layout adheres to Legendary Games' 2-column full color standard and the pdf has no bookmarks, but needs none at this length.

Jason Nelson's new Guardian Path abilities are much, much cooler than the first installment - while not all are glorious, some are downright awesome - especially eyes on the sky and skyshield are downright beautiful. Hence, my final verdict will clock in at a final verdict of 4 stars, with a definite recommendation for everyone even remotely intrigued by aforementioned abilities.

Endzeitgeist out.

Scarab Sages RPG Superstar 2008 Top 4; Contributor; Publisher, Legendary Games

Now available!

Reviewed first on, then submitted to Nerdtrek and GMS magazine and posted here, on OBS and's hop.

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