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This document contains instructions for how to build and play a 30-minute demo of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game using the Skull & Shackles Base Set. Appropriate for retail stores, conventions, and home play, this demo allows players to try out Jirelle the swashbuckler, Valeros the fighter, Lirianne the gunslinger, and Lem the bard in this abbreviated version of the Island Hopping scenario. Learn the new ship rules, search the Inner Sea for plunder, and take on a deadly shark-human hybrid who’s coming for your blood!

This demo requires a copy of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Skull & Shackles Base Set. Players who complete the demo will earn a mini-Chronicle sheet (included) that will give them a leg up in the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Season of the Shackles campaign.

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Is there supposed to be a voucher included? Or is the mini-chronicle sheet the voucher?

Pathfinder ACG Designer

Mini-Chronicle Sheet = voucher, coupon, thing you get for playing, as mentioned in the product description.

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