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TOS Caravan is a workbook that will help you manage a Caravan in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!


  • No macros, so it works in these spreadsheet applications:
    • PC Excel 2007+
    • Mac Excel 2011+
    • Open Office 4.1.1+
  • Can be used dynamically, or you can print out the Caravan sheets
  • It handles the maths, so you can focus on playing
  • It lists all the conditional bonuses so you can determine which one to apply
  • Has many adjustment boxes to let you tweak your Caravan
  • Allows the creation of custom wagons, travelers, caravan feats and equipment!
TOS Caravan supports the Caravan Rules as per Paizo's Adventure Path #49!


TOS Caravan updated to v1.03:


  • Renamed these to specify onto which Wagon it is installed on:
    • Super Heavy Ballista --> Super Heavy Ballista (W1) to (W11)
    • Repeating Crossbow Turret --> Repeating Crossbow Turret (W1) to (W11)


  • The Ballista was not adding the +1 to bonus attack

Found a bug?! Please report in the TOS community Forum for fixing!

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5.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Why do all that number crunching


Continuing in the ToS+ vein, this mini app does the math for you. Not that it's complicated but you will know you haven't missed anything. And at 2.99$, why wouldn't you want it.

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Now available!

A PREVIEW of the sheet available in TOS Caravan is now available HERE!

Happy Trading!

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