Steam Powered: Devices of the Mechanical Age (PFRPG) PDF

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Put some STEAM into your campaign!

by Ashley Shackelford

This book is a GREAT compliment to your "Pure Steam", "Thunderscape", or homebrew steam-powered campaign.

Inside you'll find:

  • A discussion on steam-enhanced adventures and settings
  • Rules for using steam-cells to power weapons or other items
  • Several new steam-themed weapons including the steamsaw, grappling gun, hedge-trimmer, longsword revolver, steamguns, and splatterballs, a new kind of ammunition for steamguns.
  • Several items of miscellaneous equipment, such as portable cameras, clockwork toys that spew smoke and grease, clockwork boilers, and more
  • New magic items including enchanted music boxes
  • 10 new vehicles, including the awesome climbing tank, crawling castle, steam tractor, steam submarine (and more)
  • 3 steamy hazards for PCs to try to avoid
  • PLUS! Bonus open game content samples from "Thunderscape: The World of Aden" by Kyoudai Games, LLC; and the "Pure Steam Campaign Setting" ICOSA Entertainment, LLC.

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2.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Well I have a copy of Thunderscape and a copy of Pure Steam so I'm excited to dig in. So lets see what this is all about...

Immediately I'm confronted with a big problem. How steam power storage and generation works reminds me a lot of the recent Technology Guide from Paizo. Steam engines are big and clunky but you can recharge your 'steam batteries' by plugging it into a steam generator. That way you can shove it into your weapons and stuff for portable steam power. That's cool, I love it. But I have a few questions;

How much steam does a steam engine make in a given time? I'd like some stats on these steam engines. I presume that if you plug and play this into Thunderscape you can just use those steam engines (I don't remember any real steam engine stats in Pure Steam oddly enough) for pointlessly free steam power. You can also assume that these are 'steam points' for the weapons that need those by plugging in steam cells. But...

How much steam do steam cells hold? And for that matter...

How much steam do the steam weapons in the book consume?

For me personally this is less of an issue. I assume the same standard as the Technology guide and steam cells hold 10 steam points and in Thunderscape they function as steam points and in Pure Steam they function as activation uses for technological enhancements or active per round points. But I didn't want to do that work. If the rules are incomplete because they are supposed to plug into two different other supplements there should have been some directions on how to do that.

The items themselves are great, barring that I don't know if I need some kind of feat or something to craft these, They seem necessary and the steam gun and revolver blade are more than welcome. And the vehicles are great. The hazards are great. The bonus content is nice.(btw there is a graphic on page 25 eating up a lot of text.)

I love a lot about this book but I have too many important questions about how it's supposed to function for it to be actually useful. so I gotta give this two stars for potential but no more for making me have to do the work of deciding how to implement steam and steam cells myself.

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Thanks Liz!

"Steam Cell Weapons"

"Longsword Revolver"


Okay, I'll bite. Putting this into my wishlist for Friday.

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