AaWBlog Presents—Wonders of NaeraCull, Brochure #4: The Stone Sentinels (PFRPG) PDF

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AaWBlog Presents gathers together the great daily content posted on the AdventureAWeek.com blog; the Wonders of NaeraCull series of PDFs are built as travel brochures that highlight the dangerous Hungering Jungle of Aventyr, making a convenient FREE product that promises to be a great resource for GMs of all kinds.

In The Stone Sentinels you'll find...

  • a disputed expeditionary site under threat of inebriated stone giants
  • Grimstark Stoneturner, dwarven surveyor (ranger 2/rogue 3)
  • the earthbound gem, a magic item of great power but accruing risk
  • wrath of the effigy and shout of the sentinels, a dangerous haunt and trap combo to test the courage and agility of adventuring parties
  • the Stone Sentinels themselves, ancient watchers that mystify the denizens of NaeraCull
  • a printable 10% off coupon for the AaW booth at GenCon 2014!

Credits:Author: Justin Andrew Mason
Layout/Art: Justin Andrew Mason
Editor: Mike Myler

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