Way of the Wicked—Book #7: Tales of Talingarde (PFRPG) PDF

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New Ways to be Wicked!

The critically acclaimed, ENnie-nominated "Way of the Wicked" villainous adventure path continues in a seventh supplemental volume. New maps, new handouts, and new adventures allow for more fun being the bad guy than ever before.

Take a turn playing the comically incompetent minions of your wicked villains. Rise as the undead and play the campaign entirely as a coven of vampires. You’ll even discover a mad island-spanning ritual for utterly destroying the noble kingdom of Talingarde once and for all.

There will be no one to stop you this time!

Inside you’ll find:

  • “MinionQuest,” a three part darkly humorous adventure compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game by Gary McBride
  • Full color illustrations, handouts and maps by Michael Clarke
  • A gazetteer for the town of Aldencross
  • Options for taking the campaign in exciting new directions
  • More fun with Grumblejack the ogre
  • And More!

Now you can be the villain like you’ve never been before!

A 100 page full color PDF including printer friendly version and player handouts.

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3.00/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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I would love to give this product a higher rating but it has been written by a fraudster, Gary McBride, who tricked 315 people into giving him $40,000 through Kickstarter and refused to communicate with them for 4 years now. Despite multiple appeals from backers he has backed over 520 other kickstarters since then, logging in every week though seemingly unable to respond to his backers products. Shame on Paizo for selling the products of a con man and allowing him to continue profiting from rpg fans.

For details of the swindle and Gary McBride’s backing record see https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/730004812/throne-of-night-a-pathfinder -rpg-adventure-path/comments

An Endzeitgeist.com review


This is the bonus book for the critically-acclaimed Way of the Wicked AP - and yes, I am aware of the delay of the sequel AP and yes, I am a KS-backer of it, waiting for my print copies of both this book and Throne of Night, but that does not influence my review of this book.

So, what does this book provide? well, for one, it's 102 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 1 page ToC, 1 page SRD, 1 page back cover, leaving us with 97 pages of content, so let's take a look, shall we?

So, what do we get? Well, first of all, we receive allcaps HANDOUTS. Massive arrays of papers, including a very important contract, now receive lavish, beautiful renditions - Michael Clarke is definitely a gifted graphic artist and the numerous mugshots for secondary characters for the AP (spanning multiple pages!) are downright gorgeous. Extremely helpful would also be the handouts of common knowledge about Talingarde, provided for the players and the excessively better-detailed introduction on how the PCs got caught and what they saw on the way to the predicament, with which the AP kicks off. Beyond those, advice on making key props can be considered welcome. Everyone's favorite pet ogre NPC/cohort receives his fair share of love - with various, hilarious and well-written pieces of read-aloud text to be inserted throughout the campaign. This section can be considered pretty awesome indeed.

A gazetteer of the town of Aldencross, including an interesting creature the PCs may unleash upon the unsuspecting populace of the fully statted town and its inhabitants (including stats, again) and a certain naval-based journey in #1 also gets an optional, nasty encounter.

Thereafter begins the section of Minionquest - three interlude modules, wherein one may play the misadventures of the minions of the big bad PCs for a hopefully humorous change of pace. From here on reign the SPOILERS. Potential players should jump to the conclusion.

All right, still here? Minionquest I happens in Farholde, MQ II in Farholde and MQ III in the capital of Talingarde. And yes, the minions are sent on pretty brutal, suicidal quests for their merciless, dark masters. Oh, and yes, they get grumblejack assigned - who promptly tries to bully them into submission, steal their money, begin barfights - you know the deal. With no proper capabilities, taking on a fanatic street preacher and his acolyte may seem hard - just wait until they realize the guy is a werewolf. Yeah. They better be smart. Same goes for the follow-up quest of MQ I, where they are tasked to capture a hydra (the beauty on the cover!) alive - a task which Grumblejack btw. will happily push on the PCs alone.

MQ II can be considered an utterly hilarious scavenger hunt of liquors (provided in a handout with art!) for the hiding place of the Duke Daeveryn - from exploding alchemist's shops to cheating goblinoids also in the race (of COURSE Grumblejack has a vested interest in the matter - and all the subtlety of a blood-coating, thundering sledgehammer...) for a magical sword, the second task is no less deadly than the first, but imho not as curvebally as the first. Still, a fun diversion from all things truly evil and important.

MQ III then deals with this one luxury manor that has not yet been pillaged...and oddly, no minions have returned from it. Strange, right? Well, turns out that a) the place is crawling with traps, b) haunted by the ghost of the place's last owner and c) is patrolled by an old stone golem who receives commands from the ghost. Have I mentioned that minions have 3 levels of an NPC-class? Yes, these quests are deadly, and hilariously so.

Beyond that, further options are provided - take Eiramanthus' library - well, now the kingdom of Talingarde (Asmodean edition) may go for advanced artillery, handguns, arcane theorie, clockwork soldiers - whatever your diabolical villains may research! Speaking of research - if technology isn't to your liking, rules for establishing Talingarde's first Wizard collegium and the research that can be done there (including the research of clockwork dragons!) should fit your tastes. If you were going for the vampiric version of WotW, the modified information for plunging Talingarde into eternal darkness, including builds for Adrastus and Sir Richard, all modified to reflect the change in emphasis.

Speaking of supplemental material - what if your PCs are as powerful and smart as mine? If they win the final battle? (Or are fanatics?) - Well, there is an alternate ending, wherein the PCs doom all of Talingarde, fusing it and everyone on it with the 9 hells. And yes, the massive ritual has an incredibly steep price to pay for in the final moments. Which one? I won't spoil THAT for you, only that one of the maps in the book provides for a nice visual representation here as well.


Editing and formatting are top-notch, I noticed no significant glitches. Layout adheres to WotW's beautiful full-color two-column standard and the pdf comes with copious artworks by the exceedingly talented Michale Clarke. The number of handouts and artworks provided herein make this book a massive increasing factor in the overall aesthetic department for all of WotW. The pdf comes fully bookmarked, with a printer-friendly version and a handy 16-page pdf that collates bookmarks and maps, the latter in full-color glory as well, of course - and rendered player-friendly. Two thumbs up!

Reading this book has been an excellent reminder why I love Gary MCBride's writing - this campaign is a stroke of genius, beautiful and is aptly enriched in every form by this pdf. Gaps are closed, fun is added and overall, this can be considered what one needs to get the Director's Cut of the AP -as such, I consider it non-optional, should you choose to run WotW.

At the same time, however, this supplement is not truly required. What do I mean by this? The new art and Minionquest-modules are fun, yes, but they in no way are required for the AP and the reward-ratio for the Minionquest-interludes is rather conservative. While they do have benefits that are tangible, in the end, they do not really reflect the challenge they pose. This may be intentional, yes, but it may result in a bit of disappointment by the players. Conversely, the Minionquest modules aren't conventional modules - they very much could be considered more akin to old Sierra adventures or the Quest for Glory-series in that they are exceedingly lethal and at times, by design, unfair even. For some groups, this may be a welcome change of pace; for others, it will annoy them like crazy. While *personally*, I love this type of challenge, one of my players was exceedingly annoyed by this type of design. What also remains is the simple fact that this very much is the director's cut of WotW - not everyone will enjoy the fact that the crisp story has been embellished; much like the Lord of the Rings director's cuts are not everyone's cup of tea. On the one hand, this brings more detail, options etc. - on the other hand, it does add in quite a bunch of material that is not crucial by any means, which may result in impatient players.

That being said, at the same time, this pdf is probably not enough to warrant running the AP again, should you have already finished it. Still, we have a stellar expansion to the AP IF you like the notion of the uncommon adventure design. If you do, this is well worth of a final verdict of 5 stars. If not, you may wish to detract a star. My final verdict, hence, will clock in at 4.5 stars, rounded up to 5.

Endzeitgeist out.

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I was hoping I'd eventually see this book on the site to buy.

But why would you want you want to totally obliterate Talingarde? You wouldn't even have anything left to rule.

In case you, *GASP* fail the final battle!

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Axial wrote:
But why would you want you want to totally obliterate Talingarde? You wouldn't even have anything left to rule.

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

kevin_video wrote:
Axial wrote:
But why would you want you want to totally obliterate Talingarde? You wouldn't even have anything left to rule.
Some people just want to watch the world burn.

It's also a way for your villain PCs to

become major devils without having to spend 1000 years as the lemure cleaning out Baalzebul's chamber pot.

I got it, and I like it. I love the detail on what you can do if you set up that wizard's school mentioned in book 6 (magic gate-powered trading and zombie hordes, anyone?), the way to use the one dead dragon's library to make technological superweapons, and the humorous bits. Yes, it gives you the funny, with notes on how to portray Grumblejack, including how to handle his romance with another ogre and the ensuing horde of kids and MinionQuest: learn what it's like to be the flunkies of evil! Done with NPC classes who don't even get names because they won't last enough for it to matter...

Reviewed first on endzeitgeist.com, then submitted to Nerdtrek and GMS magazine and posted here and on OBS.

Dark Archive

Any chance of print copies of this or the other PDFs?

Grand Lodge

Chris Ballard wrote:
Any chance of print copies of this or the other PDFs?

Not at the moment. Not sure why this and the Throne of Night are behind. I know Gary said last year he was working on updating the pdfs as they were a lot of mistakes in them. I know, I'm writing a blog to update some of the encounters and treasure, and I sent him various "changes" for items missing, spelling mistakes, grammar errors, words not bolded or italicized, etc. That was initial reason he stopped the prints. Not sure what's going on now.

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Wow, only 10 comments on this thread. I'm a little surprised by this. Didn't realize so few people talked on this one compared to the others.

Anyhow, Changes I made to WotW--Book 7, part 1.

Looking things over, I wonder if I'll be doing two or three parts for this. Hmm.

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Things which occurred to me
1) If you want to increase loot there should be several random magical items in Aldencross. Let your players steal most of them
2)I made quite a bit of the Wizard in town , my players used his friendship with the wizard in the tower to draw him into an assasination
3) For minion quest


My players made a thing of the Lycanthropy the minions made an effort to get infected and then returned to their masters and were rewarded for bringing back this new toy. Werewolf Boggards are funny.

I also plan to have an extra minion quest , a minion defected and ran away to the capital more minions have been sent after him , their quest to find and kill the traitor as well as steal an asmodean relic from the church may well succeed but success or failure of this objective they will confront Sir Richard and leave him a trail to follow back to Farholde and a date with destiny at the Horn

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Changes I made to WotW--Book 7, part 2.

I'll definitely be doing at least three parts for this.

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My notes for Minion Quest 1.5. It may be of use to some people although there are a few assumption in there.
1) That the minions are werewolves
2) The masters would quite like a lost artifact somewhere in Matharyn but it is not essential that they get it

I am running it at the end of book 2, but if you wanted to use it with the main pc's it could fit into the start of book 4 , Bernard would have to be someone else who has angered/betrayed the pc's and got away



1)Bernard has defected go to Matharyn and show him our wrath

2)Bring Bernard back so he can properly appreciate the rewards of Treason

3) If you don't bring me back Bernard bring me something else nice

4) Mark our pack's territory in Matharyn and make the sheep there fear the night

5) Don't draw attention to yourselves

6) See what the local banks are like

Bernard is in Matharyn, felling the werewolf and the wrath of his masters (but also wanting to stay

out of the gathering army). He has joined the League of Repentant Sinners of Mithra. This is a

borderline splinter church run by the most rabid mithrans, they preach about the perils of

Asmodeus and the temptations of wealth and power. They spend a lot of time annoying the

nobility. Problem they all wear Hoods to hide their faces from the light of Mithra until they are

worthy. They also seek out lost shrines to Mithra and other gods to ensure that they are propelry

consecrated to Mithra.

Bernard is seeking one of these lost Mithran shrines in the sewers beneath Matharyn, it is in this

shrine that the Shard of Wrath is hidden which may be slightly problematic for werewolves to


The outer layer of the temple is still consecrated to Mithra and will summon some low level

angelic guardians which the mithrans ignored.

Further into the temple it has been reconsecrated to Asmodeus , Bernard and his fellows are here

as is a Bone devil bound by a dead asmodean priest whose body lies here alongside the Mithran

monk who killed him. The Devil wants to leave and so far has hidden from Bernard and his


The Priest has a +1 Unholy Longsword, and 5 +2 Unholy,Angel Bane arrows, and some other

magic items destroyed in the struggle

Also seeking the minions is Sir Richad and his merry men who will turn up when it is time to end

the story. Perahps it is information from this meeting which will lead him to the Horn

Bernard and his colleagues are

Sister Sara Repents-False Worship Cleric of Mithra of the Undying flame
Brother Bernard Flees the Wolf 'Bad Cop' Figher/Rogue
Brother Jameson Thou-shalt not steal Rogue
Brother Seneca Stand your Guard Fighter
Sister Jolie Kill-the-Bugbear Fighter

They are armed with silver weapons in case of Devils (and in the case of Bernard in case of Werewolves)

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Read your notes on changes and yea, let the PCs have their win. Sure they are devils and now have an eternity of grinding against the Iron Ceiling for bits of power.

Grand Lodge

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MannyGoblin wrote:
Read your notes on changes and yea, let the PCs have their win. Sure they are devils and now have an eternity of grinding against the Iron Ceiling for bits of power.

Thanks for reading, and agreeing. Regardless of which ending you read, unless you're a nice GM who gives them the "good" ending there's just too many "pull the rug from under them" scenarios. Seems almost childish to do that. It's like you're waiting for Ashton Kutcher to show up and "You've been Punk'd!"

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Changes I made to WotW--Book 7, part 3.

One entry left. At least when it comes to Book 7.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I think it is an odd attempt at a moral twist showing that evil is never rewarded. I agree it does make for a potentially very unsatisfying end. I will be playing it straight, make the combat very difficult , challenge them and possibly even defeat them but if they win they win

Grand Lodge

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Exactly. They're evil. The true stereotype is that bad things happen to those who screw up. Normally, loyalty is rewarded regardless of good or evil. Failure tends to result in death--a bullet to the head or cement shoes.
I look at this the same way as the Godfather. You do right by Asmodeus, you can ask what you want, within reason. You question or go against him, the least that's going to happen is your favourite horse's head ends up in bed with you. That's a punishment. That shouldn't be your end game reward.

@JohnHawkins--Regarding "challenge them", that's fine so long as it's realistic. In Book 6, when Gary gives the alternate encounter, it's fine if they're super powerful, but to me it felt like a sad little GM throwing a tantrum because he wasn't winning. Which, GM's aren't supposed to win. They're supposed to make the game fun. Instead, we get the GM that who's like "What? You managed to beat that CR? Well, then all your minions and cohorts, except Grumblejack for some reason, run away because they're scared, and you now have to face this new epic encounter plus a dozen angels. So there."

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I agree with you. I think the option to make the finale unwinnable for the pc's is part of the Good always triumphs morality meme and I don't see the need for it in a long campaign of evil, If my players don't know they are playing bad people a quick moralistic beat down is not going to fix their problems.
I intend to throw in all of the forces of good's strength for the final battle which will coincidentally give what in my opinion is a tough but balanced battle for the pc's which they have a 50/50 chance of winning depending on their tactics. I will also take into account their army if they have a good strong army then I will give the forces of good less reinforcements if the forces of the Princess are more powerful than theirs each of the Champions of good will be reinforced by lower level mooks , if they have a big advantage they may get some lower level mooks backing them . Of course I have not finished book 2 yet so the details of this are vague

I also take the view that Asmodeus rewards success, if the pc's successfully conquer Talingarde in his name (and eliminate all of their rival servants of Hell trying to steal their credit) then they will be rewarded , if they fail then Hell is not forgiving

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The final "official" entry. Thanks to everyone who read my posts, and supported my doing this.

Changes I made to WotW--Book 7, part 4.

Good luck to everyone in your own games.

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So my PFS friends have informed me that alchemists and investigators don't count has having a caster level. This means that the alchemist that the PCs meet in the extended version of Aldencross, could not have made the construct. It is literally impossible to do. However, since this FAQ answer came about AFTER Book 7 came about, so this information would not have been known to Gary at the time. So, this could mean that he could just be a unique alchemist, or have some special ability given to him that make his alchemist levels count as caster levels. Overall, just go with it.

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