Pathfinder Society Special: Ruins of Bonekeep—Level 3: The Wakening Tomb (PFRPG) PDF

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A Pathfinder Society Special designed for levels 5-9.

The Pathfinders descend deeper into the ruins of Bonekeep, a centuries-old siege fortress. The deeper dungeons hold even deadlier threats, yet even they cannot compare to the terrible revelations of the tower's true purpose.

Written by Jason Bulmahn.

Note: Ruins of Bonekeep—Level 3: The Wakening Tomb is a limited release scenario. It may be ran at any time by a 4- or 5-star GM or a Venture-Officer at any time. This scenario may also be run by anybody at any convention. To inquire about access to this scenario, refer to the Organized Play Convention Support Policy.

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**½( )( ) (based on 2 ratings)

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****( )

Played it, never GMed it. Had us on the edge of our seats the whole time.

The time constraint made the experience worse: there were things we wanted to stop and investigate (RP), but couldn't because of the time limit.

Gets one star

*( )( )( )( )

Poorly done scenario. Some rooms are really annoying designed specifically to waste your time. Some are so ridiculously deadly that you can lose a party member almost instantly. This was much more of a torture test for everyone involved. No one had fun being involved in this not the players not the GM.

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Quick question.

Now that all 3 parts are publicly visible, some for several years now, will they ever be made available for purchase to all at one point?

Grand Lodge

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Oh hey, good to see this can get the reviews it so richly deserves!

Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Society Subscriber
Diego Valdez wrote:

Hello Fedor,

We run that report once a week, so you will likely see

them sometime next week.

Two weeks passed (three and a half months since 4th star) - still can not purchase Bonekeep 1, 2, 3,

6-98, 7-98, 7-99



all this links show "unavailable" text under price, not

"Add to Cart" button

Liberty's Edge

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I have lost most if not all my certs, I can see that I played this one by my log. Is there anyway to get a replacement cert?

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