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The design requirements for this product were “Create magic staves costing under 1,000 gp and include a fair selection of Pathfinder 3rd Party Publisher content.” This challenge is particularly daunting since staves by their very essence are extremely expensive. The author Jason Linker made use of several neat spells by Rite Publishing in the creation of these awesomely affordable magic items and came up with some new mechanics we think allows for staves for your low-level characters.

This book includes:

  • Rules for cracked staves plus three examples: cracked staff of the traveler, cracked staff of missiles, and cracked staff of images
  • A "wondrous" staff called "Slotted Staff"

Plus the following new, AFFORDABLE magic staves!

  • Staff of burning
  • Staff of shielding
  • Staff of light
  • Staff of Utility
  • Tentacular staff
  • Traveler's Companion

Plus the following new feats:

  • Arcane Battery
  • Improved Arcane Battery
  • Greater Arcane Battery
  • Percussive Staff
  • Improved Percussive Staff
  • Staff Dancer
  • Improved Staff Dancer

Plus a new magic weapon special ability:

  • Ascetic

All of the spells referenced are included.

This book also includes a small part of the book The Genius Guide to Apeiron Staves by Rogue Genius Games, specifically, the lowest cost staves available plus the rules to create Apeiron staves.

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I am curious at what the Arcane Battery feat tree would be? Are they for augmenting spells, magic items, or the caster? I love the idea behind the creation of this book (low cost magic items of a type normally too powerful for low level PCs). I think it will bring a little wonder back to low level magic item discovery.

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Thanks Thedmstrikes! Here's Arcane Battery:

Your ability to recharge a staff is improved.
Prerequisite(s): Knowledge (arcana) 5 ranks.
Benefit(s): You may expend two prepared spells or spell slots of appropriate level to restore three charges to a staff when you prepare spells or regain spell slots. Charges in excess of 10 are wasted.

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