Pathfinder Battles—Reign of Winter: Polkovnik Lavrenti

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It has been a century since the immortal witch Baba Yaga last visited the world, and the hour draws nigh for her return. But when she fails to appear in the frozen realm of Irrisen to user in its newest ruler, pockets of winter begin to grow throughout the Inner Sea region. After 1,400 years of perpetual winter, the icy curse of Irrisen is spreading! Will the Reign of Winter engulf the world?

Reign of Winter is the latest 45-figure set release in the award-winning Pathfinder Battles line of miniatures from Paizo Publishing and WizKids Games! Reign of Winter features friends and foes from the Pathfinder Adventure Path of the same name, and is sure to please Pathfinder fans new and veteran alike!

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**( )( )( ) (based on 3 ratings)

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I think it is a decent headless horseman. I think the flame effects on the nightmare are done well. I like the upright sitting rider. It adds a creep factor to the miniature. The horse's anatomy does look off though. And the spear bends too much.

Completely underwhelming

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The mount is supposed to be a nightmare (which i would have prefered) but looks like a camel.
It´s feet are actually green.
The spear is so bendy that it hits the earth.
Both mount and rider look so thin that they are underwhealmingly impressive.

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