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Over a century ago, the vile ‘Brotherhood of the Fallen’ unleashed a horrifying reign of terror upon the town of Redvale. Yet while the cult was ultimately vanquished by the legendary hero, Alexander Winterlight, the deep mental and physical scars which Redvale’s people suffered at the hands of the Brotherhood remained. For years, the town’s citizens lived with the constant fear that the Brotherhood may one day return to plague Redvale once more, but over the ensuing decades, memory of the atrocities which the cult perpetrated began to fade. This all changed but a few short months ago… when the Brotherhood’s lost temple was seemingly uncovered in a nearby mountain range, a discovery that threatened to shatter the peace and serenity which the people of Redvale had enjoyed of late.

Since the temple’s seeming discovery, a number of strange events have occurred in and around Redvale, events that have led the people of the town to wonder if the Brotherhood has truly returned, or if there could perhaps be some other sinister force at work within their midst? If only Redvale’s council could find a group of brave (or perhaps foolhardy) souls who would be willing to step forth and pit themselves against the menace that is… The Brotherhood of the Fallen!!!

The Brotherhood of the Fallen is an adventure designed for characters of 1st to 3rd level. Yet those who are brave enough to pit their wits against the Brotherhood will need far more than a strong sword arm, as intrigue abounds within the town of Redvale, while all manner of fiendish traps and puzzles lie within the cult’s temple. So ask yourself this; are you truly ready to face the dangers which lie within?!

Written by David Phillipps

The Brotherhood of the Fallen contains a 38-page Introduction Book and a 107-page Adventure Book, along with numerous maps and player handouts.

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Now available (and welcome Limited Infinity Press)!

Thanks for the welcome, Liz. And as I’m here, I guess now would be a good time for me to shamelessly plug my Pathfinder Compatible module, ‘The Brotherhood of the Fallen!’, which has just been released and is available in pdf format on this very site (for an extremely reasonable price, I might add!) The adventure itself runs at over 100 pages, and is packed full of intrigue, suspense, action, traps, puzzles, and a shed-load of deeply unpleasant cultists! If anyone has questions they’d like to ask, or if you read/play the module and have any input, queries or the likes, please feel free to post them in this thread. Enjoy :)

I did buy the books and they look real good, especially the art and I also like the Q&As for encounters. I didn't read details yet, but it is possible to get a printer friendly version too? The brown background isn't healthy for my ink...

Hi Oli. I’m glad you like what you’ve seen of the module so far, and I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on it when you’ve had a chance to look at it more thoroughly. I never thought about creating a printer-friendly version (which goes to show how clued up I am!), but I will look into getting something sorted along those lines.

It's hard to tell from the cover, but does this module have eastern themes?

Not specifically, no. The setting is such that the module could be dropped into most 'typical' types of fantasy worlds, although the names of people and places would likely need to be changed for it to be suitable for use in an eastern-themed location. Why do you ask? Are you looking for something with that kind of flavour to it?

killzone wrote:
Why do you ask? Are you looking for something with that kind of flavour to it?

As a matter of fact, yes. I have bought every eastern adventure I could find off of the Paizo site. So if you make one, I'll buy it.

If there's anybody out there who has any thoughts or opinions they'd like to share about the module, I would be very interested to hear them :)

By popular demand, the Pathfinder module ‘Brotherhood of the Fallen’ now has a new cover! Any thoughts or opinions would be welcome.

As part of GM's Day the module will be on sale at the unbelievable price of $1.99 from the 4th to the 10th of March, so grab yourself a copy today!

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