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Ranzak make new friends to do battles on Ranzak ship. Ranzak take only fairest share of treasures. You need friend? —Ranzak, goblin raider

Add some greedy goblin goodness to your Pathfinder Adventure Card Game with Ranzak. This fully playable character, complete with a choice of role cards, was originally released on Free RPG Day 2014. While supplies last, he can join your party and stab, steal, and chew his way through friend and foe alike. Ranzak may be used with any Pathfinder Adventure Card Game set.

Download Ranzak's Character Sheet - (377 KB zip/PDF)

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game subscribers will receive a free copy of Ranzak with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Skull & Shackles Base Set shipment in August 2014.

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Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

He's showing up in my subscription page at $3.19- is that something that will be corrected before the subs actually ship? (Really, I'd just as soon skip him and let someone else have a crack at getting one- I got a copy for Free RPG Day!)

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

That seems to be just a glitch. It even says above "Pathfinder Adventure Card Game subscribers will receive a free copy of Ranzak with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Skull & Shackles Base Set shipment in August 2014."

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

We will correct it before anyone gets charged.

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Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Really, a glitch shouldn't come as a surprise with Ranzak. He is a goblin after all, what else would you expect? Surely not for him to climb into your shipment without causing a small disturbance.

Am I right that this will only be available direct (I.e. Not via FLGS)?

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

He was only available to FLGSs as part of the Free RPG Day kit; now he's a exclusive. We will also have him at PaizoCon and Gen Con.

Thanks - if I pre-order this and a class deck, is it possible to get them combined into one shipment (for postage purposes)?

Webstore Gninja Minion

MightyJim wrote:
Thanks - if I pre-order this and a class deck, is it possible to get them combined into one shipment (for postage purposes)?

If you order them both at the same time and on the same order, yes.

Will any of the other Promo cards be available to buy?

T roy wrote:
Will any of the other Promo cards be available to buy?

Good question. my brother got Goblin Keelhauling and I'd love to have a few copies of that to go with my Ranzak. XD

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

In general, they don't sell promos, since they are a subscriber benefit. (Though there might be something coming near the end of the year with extra RotR promos. Exactly what though, hasn't been announced.)

But Goblin Keelhaulin' is the convention promo for the fall, so keep an eye out to see if it shows up at a convention near you.

Grand Lodge

Hi there, I am wondering, is or will Ranzak be legal for Guild play at all?

Pathfinder ACG Designer

We have not announced any plans to include Ranzak in Adventure Card Guild play. Bluntly, he's likely too powerful to be usable.

Why does the character sheet for Ranzak NOT conform to the same format as ALL of the other available character sheets? It is not a one-page PDF with the character cards information. It has card lists for the entire base set, and is missing the character advancement information.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

The character sheet for Ranzak linked above is the original style of character sheet that existed when the only adventure path was Rise of the Runelords. And when Ranzak came out on Free RPG Day in 2014, the only adventure path in anyone's hands was Rise of the Runelords. Thus, the character sheet currently in the product description has Ranzak with the Rise of the Runelords cards.

In the original format, you had the character card (pre-role) and all the RotR cards that would be part of your deck before you go your role card (i.e. deck B, C, 1, 2, and 3). Then, there was a separate sheet (2 pages) for each role and all the cards through deck 6. Thus, each character required 5 pages.

After the release of Skull and Shackles, the format of the character sheets was revised so that the character card and roles was one page and the deck lists were separate, allowing you to easily mix and match characters and adventure paths or class decks.

If you download the community use package character sheets, you'll find Ranzak in the Skull and Shackles file in the revised format.

I have downloaded that file, and none of the three Goblin promotional cards is in there. I needed to locate the Ekkie and Tup files elsewhere. Where, specifically, in the set of files are you saying it is located?

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Ranzak is in the Skull and Shackles file. When you go to "My Downloads" choose "Community Use Package: Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Character Sheets Skull & Shackles". From the zip file that downloads, open PACG-Sheets-SnS.pdf. Ranzak's smiling face should be the first one to great you.

Thank you! I didn't realize it was going to break things up in the My Downloads files.

I'm looking to start this adventure path, and I have players wanting to play this chatacter. Does this come with all 3 cards for Raznak or just the token card?

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

All of our promo characters come complete with character, role, and token cards, as well as an explanation card.

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Card Game, Companion, Lost Omens, Maps, Pawns, Rulebook Subscriber

It's a shame that two of the power feats on Ranzak's Kleptomaniac role card are pretty much useless unless you're playing a scenario that has plunder cards (basically, Skull & Shackles/Season of the Shackles).

Has anyone given any thought to updating Ranzak (especially now there are more goblin characters, and even goblin character decks). He's a lot of fun to play, but it would be nice if he wasn't quite so short of feats if he selects that role (especially since the second chance to acquire a boon is only on that role card).

One of the feats (the one that lets you add a plunder card to your hand when you close a location) would be easy to change to adding a random card (even using the plunder definitions).

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

The feat mentioned in your last paragraph ("When you close a location, add a plunder card from the box to your hand") DOES work in any AP. Ranzak's rules card tells you how to deal with this, and includes the Plunder Table for easy reference.

It's true that the feat that begins "When you receive plunder cards for successfully completing a scenario..." is not useful outside of Skull & Shackles and Season of the Shackles, but it's just one feat, and you don't generally get to check off every power feat during an Adventure Path anyway.

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