A Necromancer's Grimoire: The Book of Martial Action II (PFRPG) PDF

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What’s Your Fighting Style?

It seems that there are really two ways to go about playing Pathfinder and similar d20 games: you can be a spellcaster, and have all kinds of crazy options to choose from, or you can be a more mundane, martial character, and, well…not. Sure, barbarians get rage powers and paladins can smite evil, and if you devote a bunch of feats to it you might get a couple of nifty tricks like two-weapon fighting or spring attacking, but at the end of the day most mundane characters spend their combat rounds doing full attack after full attack, and eventually that gets a little stale.

A Necromancer’s Grimoire: The Book of Martial Action provided a potential solution to this state of affairs by providing such characters with numerous options for fun, dynamic, and exciting things to do in combat in the form of martial techniques, which allow such characters to make meaningful decisions and unleash fun and exciting (but still decidedly mundane) special attacks, maneuvers, and abilities in combat. The martial action point system gives players a great level of control over how they use their martial techniques, and with over 50 feats granting access to different martial action techniques, there were plenty to choose from.

Like all good things, however, people wanted more of martial action, and that’s where A Necromancer’s Grimoire: The Book of Martial Action II comes in. This book has everything you need to use the martial action system, even if you don’t have the original, and once again provides over 50 new martial techniques, plus no less than 5 full character classes, each of which is associated with a specific style of martial action. Crush any opponent one-one-one with the Iron Ram style, or confuse and disorient him with the Graceful Swallow style. You can outmaneuver foes with Flowing River techniques, or if that’s not your style, turn to the Infinite Shadow style to exploit your foe’s weaknesses, or the well-rounded and inward-focused Golden Soul style. Whatever your fighting style, A Necromancer’s Grimoire: The Book of Martial Action II is designed to be able to easily provide value to existing characters of any level, while at the same time rewarding those who devote themselves to martial action.

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5.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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New Martial techniques.


I was a big fan of The Book of Martial Action I so I was excited to see this.

The PDF consists of new technique feats divided into 5 schools. There is a Tank school, a speedster school, a dueling school, a buff school and a trickery school. Like before each technique feat uses points from an opt-in martial pool that refreshes after a minute of rest. If you're familiar with Path of War/Book of 9 Swords/4th edition these effectively makes them encounter abilities but since they are point based you can pull of a few large stunts or a lot of smaller ones. I like it a lot better than the 'Vancian' maneuvers of Path of War.

The new thing is the schools of techniques and they are a huge hit for me as they put a lot of flavor into the technique feats.

My least favorite part of the pdf are the new base classes representing each of the new martial schools. Because they are not nearly as robust as any other base class I cant help but to see them as unneeded class bloat, especially since I own a lot of third party products with new base classes. I'd much rather just use an archetype from the previous book or just get one base class that was flexible enough to represent any school. As it stands they feel like some extra content I don't care for but someone else may.

Overall the crunch is not useless but not broken and brings fun new things to do as opposed to full-attacking.

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Awe cool, I wanted more of this!

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Intriguing typo in the title..

Yeah, that typo is hilarious.

Okay I assumed that was a typo, almost disappointed that it wasn't though.

Looks awesome. Need Hero Lab support for this series.

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For the sake of both Paizo and the publisher, I will flag this post.

As has already been pointed out, there is an extremely hilarious title typo on this web page. While "marital action" might attract a certain segment of the market, "martial action" appears to be the correct title. :D

Speaking of which pathfinder needs a book of erotic fantasy.

It will come out. Give us time. ^^

Webstore Gninja Minion

I'll fix the typo when I'm in the office Monday.

Also, the Pathfinder Compatibility License expressly forbids "adult content," which prevents such books as the Book of Erotic Fantasy from claiming Pathfinder Compatibility.

True. So it can't be an "official" 3PP supplement. Nonetheless, it will come out. Sooner or later. ^^ And maybe it doesn't need to be that "adult" after all. ^^

Aww I was hoping to see some cool feats related to marital action too :(

Quickened Ceremony (Marriage): "Do you?" "Yeah." "Do you?" "Yeah." "Fine, you're married, kiss her."

Geistlinger wrote:
Quickened Ceremony (Marriage): "Do you?" "Yeah." "Do you?" "Yeah." "Fine, you're married, kiss her."

But what happens when King Richard shows up after returning from the crusades and exerts his royal rights?

Geistlinger wrote:
Quickened Ceremony (Marriage): "Do you?" "Yeah." "Do you?" "Yeah." "Fine, you're married, kiss her."

Spaceballs style :)

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