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"Victory without courage is chance. Victory without risk is hollow. Victory without loss is impossible." —Kung Fu Tse

Far to the East, where the Silk Road leads you will find those who blend the arts of warrior and wizard serving strange local Factions. Such as the Beautiful Silk Tigers a uniquely gifted guild of courtesans who cater to wealthy and powerful clientele in need of bodyguards, assassins, and seers; The Order of the Ashen Dragons whose research methods of containing and using corruption, curses and spellblights; And the Stone Monkey Path a collection of revolutionaries and masked vigilantes.  These and many more bring added detail and a sense of immersion to those adventuring in the Lands of the Jade Oath or for use in any campaign set in the exotic Far East.

New magus favored class options for all the new races introduced in Heroes of the Jade Oath such as the Dahren giants, the Mandragoran plant folk, and the accursed Verrik, so you can make even more unique characters. It also introduces new Ofuda and Spells.

You will also find a host of new magus archetypes including:

  • Curse Eater: so you can play a magus who has conquered a curse and made its power work for you.
  • Lantern Warrior: who champion a personal cause, allowing you to take up the role of an errant champion
  • Martial Alchemist: who blends alchemy and martial arts so you can play a truly unique mystical warrior.
  • Mnemonic Warrior: which allows you to tap into the collective memory of the greatest magi in history, allowing you to play a truly exotic warrior poet.
  • Threadcasters: patient spiders who blend in to their environment while appearing to be harmless courtesans or simple maidens awaiting the pleasure of their guests, allowing to truly be a Beautiful Silk Tiger.
  • Warrior of Fortune: a truly unique archetype that blends the arts of the magus with the karma of the Far East so you can play a mercenary who drifts on the winds of fate. 

Author: Frank Carr
Cover Artist: Yvan Quinet
Pages: 29

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4.50/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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An review


This pdf clocks in at 32 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 1 page SRD, leaving us with a massive 29 pages of content, so let's take a look!

We kick off this supplement with a short piece in-character prose and continue this approach in the respective discussions of magi throughout the book, as written by one member of the Forbidden Mantis, formerly of the Beautiful Silk Tigers -and indeed, in lavish, captivating prose, we are introduced to the respective magi traditions of the diverse factions of the Lands of the Jade Oath. And indeed, the blend of arcane and martial feels as if predestined for a proper in-depth look in such a setting and here and there, the combinations of the schools, factions and abilities just rock - take the Jade Griffon Guard, who may, via a new arcana, deliver spellstrikes via their mounts, offering more storytelling potential via these traditions than one would expect - indeed, the wealth of organizations and ideas in the discussions of these alone suffices to power at least one, potentially more campaigns set either in the Lands of the Jade Oath or similar Asian settings.

Now I can't get into the awesomeness of the fluff in detail sans bloating the review beyond all compare, but rest assured -it is glorious indeed and writing-wise actually quite a step upwards from the HotJO-main book. The pdf goes on to provide favored class options for magi and all the uncommon races provided in the Heroes of the Jade Oath setting.

Now the first archetype would be the curse-eater, who receives the misfortune oracle curse and may identify curses, spellblights etc. This curse essentially increases the botch-range anyone nearby experiences - think of the class as a kind of herald of misfortune akin to TPK Games' Malefactor. As a damn cool idea, any beneficial spell cast on an ally that is 3rd level or higher carries either a curse or a spellblight with it - and no, these cannot be beneficial -DM-control is maintained and ensured. Now at 5th level, items in possession of the curse-eater become cursed and infected with spellblights as well. Now the catch is - as long as the curse eater wears his/her white ceremonial mask, spellblights and curses don't affect the character. Now beyond that, the curse eater may, of course, eat curses - and that's easy to screw up, mechanics-wise, especially since the curse eating, while requiring the expenditure of , spells, potentially regains arcane points. Alas, I found no way to break this via curses or hexes and at higher levels, the ability even can be used as an immediate action.

The archetype also features 6 new, specialized arcana - from acting as a magnet for curses and hexes and the like to opting to gain temporary DR instead of a point of arcane pool, temporary SR versus curses, locate creatures via the scent their magic items and spells leave on them and even steal prepared (or otherwise available/ spells known) spells from target foes temporarily - awesome! THIS is how archetypes should imho be - this one is so damn full of style and wrestles with highly complex and hard to phrase abilities managing to properly pull of the concept of curse-eating sans breaking the narrative potential inherent in these hazards. Wow. Seriously, one glorious beast.

Next up would be the Lantern Warrior, who gets diminished spellcasting and loses spell recall, but gets access to a cavalier's order and at 4th level, also the challenge class feature. Nice. The next archetype would be the martial alchemist, who may utilize craft (alchemy) analogue to a full-blown alchemist - including extracts! No spells, as you can imagine, but a modified list that thankfully includes crucial classic of the magus spell-list. At 4th level, he even gains access to a discovery, but, of course, mutagens are out of the question. 4 exclusive arcana that include fast drinking, poison resistance and use and swifter poisoning are also part of the deal - one glorious take on the swordsman with the magic bottles/travelling apothecary/swordfighter.

The Menmonic Warrior gets access to 8 unique arcana - from tongues per arcana point expenditure to a confusion inducing touch, a wildcard teamwork feat (changeable as a standard action), a defensive prescience, better skill checks by delving into the akashic collective unconscious, temporary blindsight or inciting fear with a touch. High-level mnemonic warriors may even induce terribly crippling pain with a mere touch. At 5th level, they gain an adaptive feat they may change via the expenditure of arcane pool points. Here, a minor glitch has crept in - the end of the ability specifies "he gets another adaptive feat at 5th level and another one at 17th level." -The 5th and "another" don't work here - at 5th level, the ability is gained in the first place. At 11th level, delving into the collective unconsciousness for a selective amount of times per day is possible for minor auto-buffing. The archetype does pay for this flexibility with 3 bonus-feats, though. Once again, a glorious beast of an archetype, full of iconic fluff and cool crunch, but also one slightly on the strong end of the spectrum - the adaptive feats are powerful indeed, but at least they require the expenditure of finite class resources.

The Threadcaster has diminished spellcasting and imbues thread with arcane pool points to make mere thread into a lethal, terribly sharp weapon - through which the threadcaster may also deliver spells. 4 unique arcana further enhance the tricks the threadcaster has up her sleeve (haha) -using threads to supplement her acrobatics, climbing and flight, better entangling and grappling spells, dominating foes via a touch (puppetmaster-style) and whispering wind can be found among her tricks They may also spontaneously create snare traps with the threads (with or without a leash). Web of Defense is also glorious - by setting threads in the threadcasters square, she may increase her defenses and even generate a chance foes become grappled. This archetype is awesome in so many ways it almost hurts - all those iconic spider-themed ninja and characters you know from anime and WuXia-movies, all those deadly thread-users -FINALLY a way to play that! AWESOME! And yes, diminished spellcasting, less armor proficiencies and no knowledge pools feel like appropriate trade-offs. I NEED to try this one out.

The Warrior of Fortune is also awesome in many a way, gaining access to "improbable" abilities from Rite's glorious luckbringer class as a kind of specialized arcana, spending arcana instead of moments of chance to power the respective arcana. Now while all the eligible arcana are provided (often with fluff-descriptions of the respective abilities!), here I can muster a nitpick - the abilities don't explicitly state the amount of points or arcana they require, though a default of one can be assumed.

As a bonus for those using the rather cool sutra-casting rules from "Sutra Magic", we get the new sheathe sutra that can actually temporarily make objects akin to bags of holding. The two spells also rock, with one creating a temporary bond of life between two characters that allows one to save those reduced below 1 hp by sacrificing their own vitality, whereas the second one can turn the tide of yin and yang by turning natural 20s into fumbles/failures.


Editing and formatting are top-notch - I noticed next to no glitches in this pdf. The pdf adheres to Rite Publishing's two-column, full-color standard and is easy on the printer in grayscale. The pdf comes excessively bookmarked and the artworks provided are copious and diverse in style, but also stylish, thematically fitting and nice - and I haven't seen them in other publications - kudos for the neat art.

Frank Carr has so far been mostly prominent with his work on Arcana Evolved, but this pdf is either testament to his exceedingly quick mastery of the system or the impressive editing and development prowess of Søren K. Thustrup. Either way, I did not expect to like this book. Once you've read as many magus archetypes as I have, you get bored easily. You get the "been there, done that"-feeling -fast. This books avoids this trap by actually being a good read. Seriously, even if you don't plan on using it - the prose is captivating enough to carry the book on its own, the diverse organizations meaning that there is so much going on, so much to scavenge storytelling-wise, that you just WANT to read this. If you're even remotely interested in Asian WuXia/WuShu-style setting. Now admittedly, this fluff takes up quite some space, but it is space well used and not something I'd consider a downside. Now the crunch is what I dreaded - and was absolutely WRONG to do so: Not a single one of the archetypes herein is bland or boring; I haven't seen even one of these done before in this manner. The Threadcaster and a couple of other archetypes herein have to wrestle with rather complex abilities , wording-wise, and actually manage to get them right. Furthermore, the supplemental material, whether they be spells, the sutra, the luckbringer-crossover (which does not require you owning the luckbringer to use) - all of these conspire to make this pdf actually one that I WANT to use.

These days, getting me excited about an archetype book is hard; Getting one in front of me that actually makes me get pen and paper and immediately make a character - now that is even rarer. This pdf did exactly that. THRICE. While I'm still on the fence about the wildcard-style feats of the mnemonic warrior, the lost feats proved to in-game to be a harsher penalty than expected on the paper: It's essentially the pay-off of depth versus flexibility and I'm game for that. This book surprised me in the most positive of ways. A highly-recommended must-have for fans of the magus, WuXia, the Lands of the Jade Oath or simply those enjoying complex archetypes that are more than just abilities, that live and breathe and...inspire. That's the word. Inspiring. This pdf is glorious in all the right ways and hence receives 5 stars + seal of approval.

Endzeitgeist out.

Secret Societies and Archetypes


The magus is a potent class in Pathfinder, and this product is all about giving more options, powers and backgrounds for a magus player. The catch is that it is all Eastern themed, so it works for Jade Regent games, and any of the Eastern settings being played, but may not fit for every gaming group. Whether you are for eastern fantasy or against it, this book knows what it is about and sticks to it.

We begin with a flail wielding eastern warrior, that looks they are trudging through the Vale in Game of Thrones. Then you realise that this may indeed be a labour of love. You see the creators have renamed themselves with titles such as Jade Mandarin and Lowly Farm Peasant. Very entertaining, I like a bit of humour in gaming products.

As it moves to explain how the magus fits into an eastern setting, it all makes sense. The magus allows the designers to mix martial arts, myths and magic into playable character! This is an incredibly good idea, and answers the question of “why can’t fighters have nice things with”, that has been raised in the Pathfinder hobby with “well they can be magic using martial artist magi.”

I continue, eager to find out more. It presents a number of magi organisations, secret societies, schools, celestial guards and alliances which each have a focus and character. The Golden Bat and Thunderous Cricket alliance sounds excellent and very fitting.

Then we arrive at more options and new archetypes. For the manipulators of mechanics, this will be what they are looking for. I quite liked quick draught and Akashic (blind) sight. A very useful ability, that even accords with mythic techniques from Asian martial arts. For those that like defensive builds, the web of defence 7th level ability of the threadcaster is very nice. There are also a couple of spells including a very nice low level spell allowing the magus to take damage in the place of another pc that was about to be killed. Potentially, very useful for an adventuring party.

I give this 4/5. It mainly loses a point because while I liked it and it had a lot of depth and the producers were clearly interested in the subject material, some of the font choices make it a bit hard to read, and that troubles me.

Otherwise, great if you like the magus and want more on them, brilliant if you are running anything in an Eastern setting, perfect for creating new enemies or npcs that are different to what the players know and a rather nice and cheap book that is over 30 pages.

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Thanks Liz.

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Beautiful Silk Tiger by Tsutsuji-Sakai

Mneumonic Warrior by Taregh D. Saber

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Wow, thanks for the review, DM Under the Bridge!

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Reviewed first on, then submitted to Nerdtrek and GMS magazine and posted here, on OBS and's shop. Glorious job. We need more books like this.

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Thanks for the awesome review, Endzeitgeist! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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