5-19 The Horn of Aroden Chronical Clarification (spoilers)

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I'm looking to run this scenario this weekend, In the Conclusion section of the adventure its states Any Pc can receive the Horn of Ardoen Boon. However, in the faction notes it states a Taldor PC can receive the Horn of Aroden Boon if they accomplish both the primary and Secondary goals. Which is correct?

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That definitely sounds like there should be a second boon there or something.

Grand Lodge 3/5

Yeah, I have been scratching my head on this one for the past couple days. Seems like there should be a second Taldor specific boon that got removed last minute.
Kind of looks like this one got rushed a bit to print. The chronicle also lists equipment for subtier 6-7 even though the scenario is 1-5, and in the all tier rewards equipment they include Marek Bogdans +1 merciful aldori dueling sword, even though the scenario says it should be on the list for subtier 4-5. That ones an easy fix since it is explicitly stated in the scenario when to award it.

Dark Archive 4/5

I think it is supposed to be Taldor specific, as it follows a Taldor specific boon earlier in the season....

Would definitely like some official clarification on it though!

Grand Lodge 3/5

I could certainly see it being Taldor specific and the conclusion note that everyone gets it if the primary success conditions are accomplished being an error.

I'm going to avoid running it until we get a clarification.

Liberty's Edge 1/5

My PFS lodge has prepped to run this tomorrow, unless I see a clarification before we start at noon, I'm going to give it to everyone.

It's hard to tell what the intention is since the boon doesn't give any mechanical bonuses and states what is the point of the scenario. it seems logical that everyone should get it, provided they completed the primary condition, but then there is nothing Taldor specific, which there really should be.

Grand Lodge 5/5

Eh. I gave to everyone when I ran it last Tuesday. Seems clearly messed up though.

They really need to hire themselves a good proof reader.

Sovereign Court 3/5 5/5

I gave it to everyone last Sunday when I ran it here, too.

Grand Lodge 4/5

I gave it to everyone but warned them they may need to remove it when clarification arrives.
When is clarification arriving?

Grand Lodge 4/5

Almost three years and I'm still looking for clarification.

Grand Lodge 4/5

Saw in passing that apparently Mike Brock answered a question regarding it and that it was for Taldor/Sovereign Court only. It's what we'll be going this tomorrow when we run it.

Sovereign Court 4/5 5/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden

Yeah, it's something they've been looking for since

Library of the Lion

And it'll be used in

Assault on the Wound, to strengthen the Taldor army

Grand Lodge 4/5

Lau Bannenberg wrote:

Yeah, it's something they've been looking for since

** spoiler omitted **

And it'll be used in

** spoiler omitted **

Just so, and in the latter

it only benefits Sovereign Court characters, as it grants a special ability to the Army of Exploration or the Army of Exploration Battalion, which only a Sovereign Court character can lead.

It's something any Pathfinder worth his magic compass should want, so as it stands, there may be no harm in giving it. A future scenario might refer to the boon on the assumption that only Sovereign Court characters could have it, but that's already unsafe, as an ex-Taldan character could have kept it through Season 6's free faction change.

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