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The award-winning game of killing monsters and taking their stuff meets the award-winning universe of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game in Munchkin Pathfinder Deluxe! Now enjoy the deluxe edition, which comes with pawns and a gameboard!

Try out new classes like Alchemist and Witch. Join a faction to become an Eagle Knight or a Red Mantis Assassin. Arm yourself with the T-Bone Stake and the Armor of Insults. You'll need them to defeat the Ghoul Friday, the Whispering Tyrant, and especially Lamashtu, the Mother of Monsters. But first you'll have to fight your way through all those goblins...and kill them and take their stuff!

Contains: 168 cards, one custom six-sided die, a gameboard, pawns and plastic stands for six players, rulesheet.

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I have the base Munchkin Deluxe set and it is a blast to play, can't wait to buy this set as soon as it is available!

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What is the suggested minimum age?

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FattyLumpkin wrote:
What is the suggested minimum age?

The Non Deluxe version says 10 & up (which is also where I mentally pegged it before checking). Can't see the board jumping it up...

So this contains everything I need? Won't need to get the base set?

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Same card count as the original, so I'm guessing that it's exactly the same, just with a board and player pieces. Which is really a little disappointing.
As someone who has the base game, but has been contemplating buying Munchkin Deluxe to get the board and pieces to play it with my kids (easier for them to visualise their level ups than using a die), there's really zero incentive for me to get this if it includes exactly the same cards. If even a few cards were added, I would consider it, but as it stands... why would I?

You don't need the board, and could pretty much make your own if you really wanted. I enjoy using the board, but we will just take a mat and write numbers and stuff and just start playing, and use mini's instead of the official figures. I wish this existed before when I first got into munchkin, because I already own pathfinder and the original deluxe.

I really enjoy Pathfinder Munchkin, and the classes are super powerful compared to other things that exist in the normal munchkin. This can be played alone, and mixed into the other munchkin expansions and normal munchkin set, which is awesome. I enjoy the Summoner most of all for the classes in here, and if you can get a gnome from a normal munchkin expansion then you're playing with power.

@Flash, this has Pathfinder Munchkin cards, and not the normal munchkin set, so if you own the normal munchkin, you can add them together.

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I should have clarified that I own the base Pathfinder Munchkin Human.

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flash_cxxi wrote:
Same card count as the original, so I'm guessing that it's exactly the same, just with a board and player pieces.

This is correct.

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