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In 2011 we released the Realms of Twilight Campaign Setting for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. The world of Relistan came to life in the form of a 256 page 8 ½” x 11” hardcover book full of wondrous locations, amazing magic, character options, and legends from the ancient past. Two full printings of the campaign sold out as gamers around the world delved into the Realms of Twilight, but that was just the beginning.

Now we are gearing up for another print run of the setting, but trying to raise funds just to re-print something that already exists would be a little… underwhelming, so we are rebuilding the world entirely! We are already delving deeper into its mysteries, detailing new areas, and giving it a fresh face by updating almost every art piece in the book. We will be adding statistics blocks to all of the settlements in the volume as an aid to Game Masters, unleashing another new playable race for player characters, increasing the magical repertoire of wizards and the alchemical recipes of combat alchemists, and so much more.

Here is a taste of the new artwork, layouts and materials you can expect to see in the revised Realms of Twilight Campaign Setting book should our Kickstarter be successful. Enjoy!

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Shiny—and FREE!

I may have to check this out, but from a quick glance at their Kickstarter (which is what prompted me to do a forum search here), it looks as though they may have priced themselves out of a successful kickstarter campaign.

Scarab Sages President, Silver Crescent Publishing

We've revised our Kickstarter and re-launched it with even more great rewards than before!

We've updated the sample both here and on Drivethrurpg with more content and a flow that will more resemble the organic flow of the book itself!

Checkout our Facebook page for a chance to help influence the very fabric of our shadowclad world, and stop by the Kickstarter and see what we're all about!

We're more than happy to field any questions or comments about our world or the project so let your voice be heard!

Sorry, but it doesn't appeal to me. Just my 2 cp.

Scarab Sages President, Silver Crescent Publishing

One of the rewards for the Kickstarter is a PDF written by the Four Horsemen!

There will be two versions of the PDF, one for Game Masters and another for players! We've already begun the discussion to determine what players want in their version. Chime in on our Facebook page to join the discussion!

For the player edition we want to know which two classes we should make and archetype for that is themed to our dark world. The Game Master edition received 2 creatures, for which we seek a preferred terrain for each of them.

We welcome your thoughts and questions, so let us know what you think!

Good gaming to all, and may your dice be forever kind.

Scarab Sages President, Silver Crescent Publishing

Character Artist Sam Gauss has joined the Silver Crescent team for our Realms of Twilight project on Kickstarter! Stop in and check out what the project is all about!

As with all world creators we love talking about the project and our world so if you have a question or comment, don't hesitate to give it a voice either here or on our Facebook page!

Scarab Sages President, Silver Crescent Publishing

Some of you may be wondering: "What makes this world different from any other?" Well, stay tuned and we'll answer that very question.

It is a world steeped in legends and history; a world where some nations wield great magical power, while in other regions spells are virtually non-existent. There are cities rife with political intrigue, and ancient ruins begging to be delved into by brave adventurers such as yourselves. Yet many worlds have these things, so how is Relistan different?

Its sun was eclipsed thousands of years ago by the first race, shadow fey known as the Sai-Heth. They were attempting to cleanse their world of the vermin (elves, gnomes, orcs, humans...) that had infested it. The world now exists in perpetual twilight, its moons providing the only illumination aside from starlight.

The setting book provides details on how the world survives in the shadows, and even more details are on the way if the Kickstarter project is successful. So continue to spread the word and help us fund the Realms of Twilight!

Check out our page on Facebook for more details!

Daniel, I have a comment. What are people that don't have a Facebook account and don't want one supposed to do to learn about your product? Is Facebook the only place you have information?

Scarab Sages President, Silver Crescent Publishing

silverhair2008 wrote:
Daniel, I have a comment. What are people that don't have a Facebook account and don't want one supposed to do to learn about your product? Is Facebook the only place you have information?

Of course not! It's just our primary way of getting the word out and discussing things. We're open to questions and commentary anywhere (so long as we know its there of course).

The Kickstarter project itself has a great deal of information as well. Our website forums have some, though we are still working on getting information posted, and the website itself is undergoing revitalization at the moment.

We've also done interviews with The ESTABLiSHED FACTS and G*M*S Magazine that anyone can listen to. In each we discuss a great deal about the setting and what sets it apart from so many others.

Lastly, if there are specific questions, we can always be contacted directly either through PM here, via email at or any other way people can think of.

If there's a particular aspect of the setting you're looking to find out about, let me know and I'd be more than happy to talk about it!

Scarab Sages President, Silver Crescent Publishing

A new press release for our Realms of Twilight Kickstarter project has been posted at!

Check it out and join us by becoming a backer and help Silver Crescent Publishing create one of the best RPG settings available to date!

Please help us spread the word!

Scarab Sages President, Silver Crescent Publishing

On Thursday two of the Silver Crescent Publishing staff will be hosting a Google hangout at 11:30 am! We'll be discussing our current Kickstarter project, the world of Relistan, and whatever else happens to come up so stop by and talk a bit with us! Be sure to RSVP on our Facebook event if you can!

Questions we've gotten so far include:
Where have all the Dragons gone?
What happened to the sun?
Why use the Pathfinder rule set?

If you've got any additional questions please stop in and ask them! You can also get questions to us before the hangout via Kickstarter, [url/=]Facebook[/url] or whatever other means you have to get a hold of us.

We look forward to hanging out with you!

Scarab Sages President, Silver Crescent Publishing

There's only 7 days left to back the incredible Realms of Twilight Kickstarter project and receive a host of awesome rewards.

Our $55 backer level now includes a print and PDF copy of the new setting hardcover book, a PDF copy of the Malefactor PDF by Total Party Kill Games, PDF copies of both Claws of Pelazin and Lycan's Bane (our two most recent adventures), a series of bookmarks, a brand new PDF from The Four Horsemen with content determined by our backers, and a PDF of a Kickstarter Exclusive adventure that is a prequel to our upcoming arctic adventure path!

But that's not all.

Thanks to the generosity of our Adventuring Paragon level backer, we will be challenged to write a customized adventure for their gaming group. When it is completed we will be making it available to all of our backers starting at the $20 level!

Only 7 days left for this amazing group of rewards, and the chance to help shape the world of Relistan by becoming a backer of the Realms of Twilight!

Questions or comments are welcome here, as well as on our page on Facebook.

Good gaming to all!

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