Pathfinder Tales: The Redemption Engine

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Pathfinder Tales: The Redemption Engine
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Get Out of Hell Free

When murdered sinners fail to show up in Hell, it's up to Salim Ghadafar, an atheist warrior forced to solve problems for the goddess of death, to track down the missing souls. In order to do so, Salim will need to descend into the anarchic city of Kaer Maga, following a trail that ranges from Hell's iron cities to the gates of Heaven itself. Along the way, he'll be aided by a host of otherworldly creatures, a streetwise teenager, and two warriors of the mysterious Iridian Fold. But when the missing souls are the scum of the earth, and the victims devils themselves, can anyone really be trusted?

From acclaimed author James L. Sutter comes a sequel to Death's Heretic, ranked #3 on Barnes & Noble's Best Fantasy Releases of 2011!

400-page mass market paperback
ISBN–13: 978-1-60125-618-8
ePub ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-619-5

The Redemption Engine is also available as a digital edition on the following sites:

The Redemption Engine is sanctioned for use in Pathfinder Society Organized Play. Its Chronicle sheet is available as a free download (359 KB zip/PDF).

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4.50/5 (based on 16 ratings)

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Salim's Big Adventure


A quick note on how I review. I give a score based on my enjoyment and how well the product holds up in its category.

I took a break from The Malazan Book of the Fallen and dove into this quite enthusiastically. I had been looking forward to more from Salim the moment that Death's Heretic came to a close. The Redemption Engine picks Salim back up in the wonderfully odd(alien?) city of Kaer Maga. The locations and descriptions as Salim moves about are where Sutter is at his strongest, the first half of the novel gets a ton of credit for this. (It is no surprise given Sutter's background with the Pathfinder Setting.) The Redemption Engine manages to be fast paced all the while juggling a cast of characters and elements that all manage to blend wonderfully into Salim's journey, both physically and emotionally. Succinctly, it was a fun read.

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Shadow Lodge

Well, it's been a while since I read this and posted my review, but a recent discussion about the book with a friend prompted something I didn't notice before but felt needed bringing up, so I've edited my commentary. Hopefully a bit of criticism won't hurt too much in an otherwise-stellar product, and will go toward making whatever might come next all the better. =)

Dark Archive


Jon Brazer Enterprises

"Go to Hell!"
"But Salim, that's what I have you for."


Nice one!

Jon Brazer Enterprises

I'm about half way through right now. The story being told.


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