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As part of the Pathfinder Society Organized Play GM rewards program, each GM can earn a special Chronicle sheet from among the three included in this download. Each represents a character's tutelage and special training with one of the three Masters: Aram Zey, Kreighton Shaine, or Marcos Farabellus. Apply the Chronicle sheet to a character of your choice, and unlock new boons as you earn GM stars. 5-Star GMs can apply an additional sheet for every 50 additional reported games they judge beyond their first 150.

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3.50/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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Excellent rewards for service!


In answer to the previous review, a GM may pay the cost for each individual boon that he qualifies for based on his GM star total.

e.g. A 3 star GM can pay 3PP or 3 day job checks to gain the first three boons. He must then wait until reaching 4 stars to pay the cost again to gain the fourth boon. Note: You do not have to purchase every boon! You may pick and choose from those that you qualify for.



It is unclear to me if you get more than one reward for the character that you assign this to. If you are a 3 star GM, do you get all 3 rewards (1 star, 2 star and 3 star check boxes) or just the reward for 3 star?

Silver Crusade

What is the context under which we are granted this? Do we just download it and apply it to a character or is this some special thing we need to earn at cons and the like?

Liberty's Edge

I believe the instructions for their application is on the first page. Also there is a blog about them. Basically once you have a star you can assign one of these to one of your characters. Sign it yourself as a GM. That is my understanding.

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