Dungeons & Dragons—Attack Wing, Wave One: Sun Elf Guard Troop

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Engage in daring dragon-to-dragon areial combat with the D&D Attack Wing miniatures game! bring the heroes, villains, and monsters of Dungeons & Dragons to life in this latest fantasy miniatures game series! Each D&D Attack Wing Wave 3 Expansion Pack includes 1 pre-painted miniature and numerous upgrade cards and tokens. Take flight with D&D Attack Wing today!

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Anyone know the scale of these troops....are they close to the pathfinder battles line and old D%D prepainted in scale.....

hoping to amass a small army of sun elves for some skirmish games.....

if some ones go links to pictures or convention booth shots.......

i need to know.......have wood elves....need high elves for my kin-slayer wars

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

I'm told they should be pretty close to the Pathfinder Battles/old D&D minis scale.

thank you.......have to wait and see what pretty close is

They are the same as the new D&D minis - identical sculpts & paints, just repackaged for the game. Their scale is pretty much the same as the Pathfinder minis, but the quality is generally a little lesser, I find. Most have integrated, rather than separate bases. That applies to the humanoid scale models, only, as the dragons are the real highlight of this series and are pretty terrific.

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