The Laundry RPG: Unconventional Diplomacy

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The Laundry is a secret branch of the British Civil Service, dedicated to protecting the United Kingdom against Horrors from Beyond. In your time in the Laundry, you've seen your share of terrible, frightening documents - grimoires bound in human skin, soul-eating computer code, and compliance assessments. None, though, are as terrifying as the thing sitting on your desk. It's a plane ticket! The Laundry's budgets are more tightly bound than a summoned shoggoth, and If they're paying for your flights, then something hellish is about to happen overseas - and you're in the firing line! This collection of scenarios for the Laundry Files opens up new and unimaginable vistas of cosmic/comic horror.

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5.00/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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An RPG Resource Review


If your Laundry officers have been sitting around for a while getting complacent in their knowledge of what's going on, these six adventures should light a fuse under them! Each is well considered, a delightful balance between arcane manipulations and good traditional tradecraft, pitting wits and muscle against the forces of evil and the enemies of your country (who may or may not be the same thing).

For 'diplomacy' means something a little different to the seasoned Laundry officer than it does to the mundane world. It's all about making treaties and deals not with other nations but with otherworldly entities... but if that goes awry and they won't come to the negotiating pentacle, why, then you have to resort to more, ahem, direct means.

Each of these 'diplomatic missions' comes with detailed background, the initial briefing as given to the officers, and then the adventure unfolds with all the information you need to run it every step of the way. Everything is well organised and ought to make for easy running, at least from this side of the GM screen. There are, naturally, plenty of twists and complications for the officers to contend with, neatly coupled with plenty of leeway to let them run riot around the plotline without derailing it completely.

All six are a real delight of nightmarish bureaucratic dealings with Things That Should Not Be, their earthly minions and anyone else who happens along (especially those who do not regard the officers' employers in a fond light). The level of detail is amazing, and support for running it well organised. Gibber and meep, all ye enemies of the state!

Weird, brilliant, fun Laundry adventures


Laundry adventures (Black Bag Jobs, for example) have been consistently good, but Unconventional Diplomacy sets the bar even higher. What sets these adventures on par with some of the best Delta Green episodes is the weird, brilliant ideas that the adventures are based on. HPL back from the dead? Magical goings-on at Burning Man? Babysitting two older agents who probably don't have anythng classified to say but you should record them just in case, and the subsequent can of worms this opens? The Laundry is building a very solid library of adventures that I am pleased to read, and my players are enjoying playing through.

Keep up the excellent work, Cubicle 7!

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