What kind of new spell traditions, if any, are you looking for in 2e?

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Let's say hypothetically I'm looking to convert a particular 3PP book from 1st edition to 2nd edition that focuses on magic.

Many of the ideas from Paths of Magic that I did for 1e involve fairly niche magical concepts; concepts that aren't exactly covered well with the four big traditions in 2e. However, with the recent release of Secrets of Magic, we've now been introduced to "alternative" traditions outside of the main four with the addition of elementalism (which acts as more of a sub-tradition than a "real" one). This opens a new design space for more niche spell traditions for specific flavor (for example, a hypothetical "artifice" version of the Arcane spell list, or a "necromancer" alternative list for divine/occult traditions).

Rather than mulling this over myself, I figured I'd actually do some market research for once and ask everyone for their opinions on what kind of traditions you guys want for 2e. Broad themes? Niche concepts? Or would you rather there be no new traditions at all?

Let me know with a quick answer on this poll!

...I am not sure. I wish to encourage you to go with the topics most dear to your heart. I can imagine a "Self-buff" magus based on Alloymancy. treat buffs as "Long duration" spells, but as a stance "burning the metal" makes the effects amplified and immediate, then gone.
I can imagine a Device focused alchemist called Radionics (*Not psionics. Psionics is an internal art, which requires no external manipulation and no devices) Radionics is nothing but "flim-flam" devices that have magical effects (I guess that would be an alchemist research field that is not a "Dabbler" when it comes to talisman). I am not 100% sure but there might only be a few "Devices", one could start by filling a Doctor's bag with tools every Alchemy method investigator would want and need!
With fulus, a variant spellcaster comes to mind; Celestial caligraphy. A prepared caster like the wizard, but instead of preparing spells you create Scrolls that are only potent for one day- From daily prep to daily prep. Scrolls can be attached to stuff and left, all kind of applications for magic that is Triggered by Reading, touch, or tearing.
Ya know what, the occult tradition treatsie in the "Secrets of Magic" discusses a great deal of Connections and reading the woven skien of magic. this gives me an Idea:
Sympathetic Magic. (*Often depicted as originating with the Voo Doo religion, Things like "voo doo dolls" are only one example of "I do this to this symbolic representation, and THAT happens to XYZ no matter where they are or go)

(I AM NOT BEING RUDE/A TOOL, Please do not misunderstand me) you could turn mathematical functions, trigonometric identities, calculus and differential formulas into some kind of bizzaro "Math-magic" (Again, I am not attacking any one with this. It is only an IDEA)
Also, you could do research on magic rooted in symbols. Take the Yin-Yang for example. It expresses infinite dualities, their interactions and predicted outcomes. There must be a hundred or so symbols world wide that can be turned into a game mechanic or a little "game-in-the-game" for creating-casting spells.
so those are a few of my ideas;

Alloymancy as per brandon Sanderson books?
Talismonger (radionics ala, Device alchemist)
Celestial caligraphy: Scroll-caster.
Sympathetic Magic: A drawn picture of Knight bob, held in a torches flames... OW OW OW OW OW OW!
Mathematica-Magik: Math functions turned into spells.
Symbolic magic: tetris puzzle magic game with spell outcomes?

You can also go nuts with this weird interpretation of magic...
You just have to put up with anime being... anime.

See; Orion by Masamune Shirow

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