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Tome of Tomes
This book is the book of all books!

We've released a LOT of classes in the past and we wanted to offer some support for those existing classes. We will be reprinting/updating some of the classes as well (free ones) but we will be shifting those updates to their respective PDFs in the near future .

While there is some variance, each class has some form of support (feats, items, etc), new archetypes, favored class bonuses for all core races (as well as some other races and LRGG races), and a short player's guide section on how to build/play the class.

Classes Included:

  • Bokor
  • Brave
  • Invoker
  • Martialist
  • Noble
  • Primal Host
  • Runesmith
  • Skirmisher
  • Wrestler
  • Yamabushi

The whole book looks like it is just shy of 80 pages long and includes several reprinted classes. Art is by Deanna Roberds and the design team for this spans the entire in-house staff (Caleb, Zerby, Dayton, and Scott). A lot of people returned to work on classes they themselves wrote in the first place.

Bookmarked and PDF Optimized
Pages: 79 (74 content, 1 credits, 1 table of contents, 1 cover, 2 OGL)

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I just picked this up to bolster a Wrestler for a game tomorrow. Lo and behold, I found an even better class to play with the arcane grappler. Unfortunately, I noticed one big missing feature: no listed weapon/armor proficiencies. The skill points per level is also missing.

I was also hoping the pdf had a clarification on the Wrestler's Mountainous Power as that did not have a listed duration in the King of the Ring pdf.

Edit: Do Arcane Grapplers use their Con or Int mod for determining the DC of their grappling techniques?

Edit 2: The class skill set looks incomplete without Acrobatics and Escape Artist. Those are staples for the Wrestler that I will always houserule as class skills for Arcane Grappler. A grappling class without Escape Artist just feels weird...

Let me get that answer for you

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Does this include the rules for the classes themselves, or do you need to get the separate PDFs for those classes to use this?

@Z. H. Darkstar
(From the designer of the wrestler/arcane grappler, Zerby)
"Hey good catch,
The reason the weapon and armor proficiencies are not there is because it is an alternate to the magus. It shares its proficiencies and skill points per level.

Hmm that should really be errata-ed have it read as follows. This transformation lasts a number of rounds equal to the wrestler's Constitution modifier not including the temporary bonus of the transformation.

Also excellent catch, an errata will be put out for the class feature that allows them to use the better of their Intelligence or their Consitution when determining the DC's for grappling techniques.

It is unfortunate, that the class skill list doesn't have those. Again (I yoinked it from the magus, but it would not be complete without those two.) Consider them added until an official errata comes out."

This is a support book for those classes. However there are reprints of a few classes however.
Reprints: Bokor, Noble, Skirmisher, and Runesmith.

Hey, i bought this and i'm confused about the Skirmisher's Creativity ability like how does it work and what is a adjacent number? the example didn't really explain it said 8 12 and 17 were adjacent to 10 but i don't understand.

Hey Atazoth, I'm a bit swamped at this second. I'll get back to you tonight or tomorrow morning. Just wanted to let you know your message has been seen.

Sorry for the delay.

So it's a bit meta, but it's really just a randomization mechanic.
Roll 1d20. Let's say you roll 18. The physical faces on a d20 are triangular. The numbers physically adjacent to 18 on a standard d20 are 2, 4, and 5. You can chose to take one of those numbers, rather than an 18, for it's mechanic.

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