Pathfinder Society Scenario #5–14: Day of the Demon (PFRPG) PDF

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 3–7 (Tier 3–7; Subtiers 3–4 and 6–7).

The Blakros family, long an ally of the Pathfinder Society, has come into possession of a manor house in the imperial nation of Cheliax, where a once prominent noble family was known to practice diabolism before the Age of Lost Omens. The Pathfinders' task is simple: clear the abandoned manor of any remaining threats before the Blakroses move in. Unfortunately, the estate hasn't sat empty as long as the Blakroses think it has, and its recent inhabitants were anything but the devil-worshipers who originally built the manor.

Written by Larry Wilhelm.

This scenario is designed for play in Pathfinder Society Organized Play, but can easily be adapted for use with any world. This scenario is compliant with the Open Game License (OGL) and is suitable for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Note: This scenario has been updated from its exclusive version for public release. Purchasers have access to both the exclusive version released as Pathfinder Society Scenario #4–EX and Pathfinder Society Scenario #5–14, but as of February 26, 2014, only the latter is legal for Pathfinder Society Organized Play. Except for minor editorial changes, both versions of the scenario are the same; only the legal version of the scenario contains a Chronicle sheet.

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Average product rating:

3.30/5 (based on 6 ratings)

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Potential bloodbath


I love the start scene, cause I've played Silvermount and become a member of Blakros Family!

Although there's one memorable NPC, and connect with many scenarios, it's mostly combat-central.

I really dislike the setting of manor, 90% of rooms are totally useless, I would better like more interaction with environment. And the BBEG fight can be deadly depends on GM's tactics and PC's action, too SCARY, both the BBEG and story plot.


Perfect for a stormy winter's evening.


I ran this scenario last week for a party of six and I had a good time. The atmosphere this scenario presents is exquisite. From the weather to the descriptions of the various rooms, all of them do a great job creating a really good stage for the story to take place. Compared to other scenarios, you really want to hear what every room looks like and you wonder what will be around the next corner.

The scenario however is very dependent on a single NPC. If that NPC gets dismissed by the players early on, be it by combat or by lack of interest to role-play with, the scenario loses a lot of its flavor. While there are some countermethods for the GM in order to keep that NPC around, it is certainly not a guarantee. I myself had to do my best to consistently make that NPC interesting for everyone to interact with and to convince everyone she was indeed a good person. Still I could see my players really doubt the NPC and struggling not to let that affect their character's decisions.

As for the encounters, I'd say they can be scary and very well kill a person. They too have a lot of flavor to them, making Day of the Demon an excellent scenario to play on a stormy winter's evening. Especially the optional encounter can be very rough for a low level party. Luckily my party spend a lot of time role-playing and talking to each other, otherwise there may have been a few casualties. The final fight, again, is a bit too dependent on circumstances. If the BBEG gets to follow her tactics, it'll be a nasty fight. If not, well, it could be fairly anti-climactic.

I honestly think this is a great scenario. Given the setting and the plot, I would go so far as to give it 5 stars, were it not for one little thing: the NPC this scenario more or less revolves around. Yes, the NPC is great and fun, but a few good skillchecks can really ruin the overall experience. Even if the skillchecks don't happen, players can very well not show any interest in role-playing with that NPC, which instantly makes the scenario less fun. If you like role-playing, this scenario is excellent in every single way. Even if you're a murderhobo, you'll still get some nice challenges. All in all, it's a solid scenario, worthy of at least 4 stars.

Murderous fun


We played this with a party that was basically a zoo. We had a shaman (playtest time) with a wildly OP spirit animal, a gnome paladin on a dog and a halfling on a worg. There was another halfling sorcerer, a Merisiel pregen and my human paladin. There was some weird stuff with the levels of PCs and basically, Merisiel was level 7, the dog-riding halfling paladin was level 6, and everyone else was level 5 and the sorcerer level 4; but we played high tier. *Gulp.* Our GM was Maglor.

It was pretty nasty; the monsters didn't kid around. The halfling paladin got killed in two rounds in a fight by soaking up 1.5 full attack from a monster. We paused for a bit in-game so she could get raised with a Debt to Society, before continuing.

The house was morbid and nasty, truly demonstrating why Cheliax is known as The Fun Place.

I think for me the optional encounter was actually the high point; I hear it's been pretty hard for other parties, but we managed to cope with it through having such a huge zoo of a party, and good teamwork.

The final encounter was pretty weird; MAJOR SPOILER

So you find this young lost girl and she's asking you to go into the cellars to find her parents. The halfling sorcerer's player really liked her and wanted to adopt her. I bought her story too. At some point when we were out of the room all of the other players were like "something's up here" but they didn't wanna metagame so they kept their mouth shut.

So when the rest of the party was in the end zone fighting some monsters, the girl turned out to be a halfling assassin and turned on the sorcerer. Talk about irony. I was near enough to rescue the sorcerer, who then Lipstitched the BBEG, who barely failed his save. From there on it went downhill for him.

Looking back on it, the GM played it pretty well. At all times the "girl" had been just in the right place to avoid detect magic/evil effects and such. Maglor himself was pretty surprised he'd managed to fool anyone since apparently this happens all the time, but he fooled just the right people to make it a tense fight.

Fun Creepy Haunted House


This was one of the most fun scenarios I’ve ran so far for PFS. To be fair it can be brutal for players that are not prepared. I ran this for a group that was half level 5 and the other half level 4 and low tier was little rough for them but not too rough. Inexperienced players will be challenged by this scenario though.

My players found the entire place overly creepy, with it building up slowly over the course of the scenario. There is a rather unique roleplay encounter in here that as a GM I found rather enjoyable but a few good skill checks can ruin the fun.

Story wise, this ties in with a few other scenarios and has a big reveal at the end depending on what players already known about the season 5 story.

I ran this right after running the Scars of the Third Crusade and The Blakros Matrimony as part of our build up towards the end of season 5 story and there was a bit of an “Aha! ... Oh Dang.” moment as all the dots connected. Also loosely connects with The Traitor’s Lodge.

Gave it 4 Stars because both my players and I had fun. They enjoyed learning the information the scenario reveals and I enjoyed the roleplay encounter it offers. Could have been 5 stars but the scenario does hit hard when it does hit and because the maps were not so fun to draw out (though the parts that sucked to draw were not required for the usual purpose).

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Sovereign Court

It went from being available today to "unavailable"...problems?

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Now available!

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This sounds like it builds on the events of the The Blakros Matrimony.

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It builds on a LOT. :)

Grand Lodge

Looking forward to this.

Grand Lodge

I am waiting for the plot events from series 2 which led to the BR Matrimony and all the other stuff that followed to blow up in everyones face.

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The Map isn't layered like some and requires some editing from the GM... normally you can copy the map and paste it into a graphics editor and you lose the A6 etc room numbering here. Thats the case here but the traps/secret doors/side notes etc still appear.

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Helaman wrote:
The Map isn't layered like some and requires some editing from the GM... normally you can copy the map and paste it into a graphics editor and you lose the A6 etc room numbering here. Thats the case here but the traps/secret doors/side notes etc still appear.

Hm, looks like that must have been missed during export of the product. I've put it on our list of things to fix.

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Wow, this one is brutal...

We had three player fatalities, our party prepared with the information that the place might be inhabited by devils, so silver weapons in hand, we got ripped apart from the demons and their entirely different DRs. The dice were not with us either, but the demons and their sneak damage destroyed the parties fighters shockingly fast.

Sovereign Court

Finally got around to running this, and it was brutal... on me, the GM. Players figured out the twist immediately and nailed the knowledge checks to bypass that challenging encounter. Still fun! But not a challenge for my party at all.

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