Pathfinder Society Scenario #5–13: Weapon in the Rift (PFRPG) PDF

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 5–9.

Dire need begets great innovation, and Ghalcor, a cleric of Iomedae, created a revolutionary new weapon to fight the demons that poured out of the Worldwound at the end of the First Mendevian Crusade. Unfortunately, the fiends overwhelmed Ghalcor and his assistants before they could arm and trigger the weapon, but complex fail-safes sealed off Ghalcor’s tower and kept the device from falling into abyssal hands. As the Fifth Mendevian Crusade rages on, Ghalcor’s secret weapon could be the factor that turns the tide, so the Pathfinder Society has agreed to find a way past the indiscriminate safeguards to secure the device for the crusaders—a task complicated by their pushing past enemy lines.

Content in “Weapon in the Rift” also contributes directly to the ongoing storyline of the Silver Crusade faction.

Written by Nathan King.

This scenario is designed for play in Pathfinder Society Organized Play, but can easily be adapted for use with any world. This scenario is compliant with the Open Game License (OGL) and is suitable for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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Average product rating:

4.40/5 (based on 29 ratings)

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How I learned to stop worrying and love The Bomb


I played this together with Damanta (I was the human paladin) and with Maglor as GM. We played up with 4 player adjustment, but no hard mode. In the end the 4-player adjustment made the difference on several crucial checks, so anecdotal evidence suggests it's well-balanced :P

I rather liked the puzzle on this one. When you think about it, it might not make a lot of sense (since enemies would be able to figure it out as well), but it's good use of Golarion lore.

I liked that while it's half dungeon crawl, like many other scenarios in season 5, this one rewards you for thinking before hitting stuff. A little genre savvy can't hurt either. [spoiler]When you find bottles that you can charge by taking negative levels, you bet that you'll need them filled later on.

We avoided some fights, but the ones we did get involved in were pretty scary. Unsurprisingly, this is a good adventure to bring paladins. The final fight in particular was pretty edge-of-your seat.

In the end, the premise of the scenario is fairly straightforward, but it's quite thrilling to actually do it.

Addendum: the chronicle sheet has quite a bit of nice things on it. I think I'm gonna GM this one just for that alone, and also because I think this is a relatively straightforward highish-tier adventure, good for getting more experience running higher level adventures.

Don't call it a dungeon Crawl!


Ok it is a Dungeon Crawl and I love them, but this is something more. Weapon in the Rift is a great multidimensional scenario. It challenges the party form the very start with tricks, traps, a great puzzle, strong encounters and a thrilling finale. I enjoyed how well written every aspect seemed. The difficulties were hard without being burdensome to the story or playability. The fights demanded solid tactics and team work. The obstacles kept us on our toes while the storyline provided an engaging urgency to it all. My only comment would be the end, while very cinematic and awe inspiring, it was too hard and too fast. While our party definitely felt the impending doom ,we had a difficult time. Even hasted from round one we could not get our characters in place in time. Also I missed where we were tasked with ensuring a certain NPC lived. For us it was the one that got away. I still enjoyed every second and look forward to playing more scenarios by this author.

Great Scenario!


This is an absolutely a great scenario. The theme and location is excellent along with some of the best encounters in the whole of PFS.

I've had some GM star replays that I've been sitting for over a year and I would not hesitate to use one of them to replay this scenario.

This is a level 5-9 scenario that should be played be everyone and I highly recommend it.

Peerless with or without hard mode


Nicely succinct but excellent story, and the encounters are awesome to behold, the traps are diabolical, and the puzzles are hard even on the regular side of things. Being the GM for this one makes you kind of jealous as to how the Players get out of certain situations.

How My Party Got Through It All:
My Party wasn't much for traprunning, so most of these were run into and the ensuing explosions were wondrous.

The Party talked their way around and escorted the Hound Archons out without combat.

The Allip formerly known as Ghalcor was dealt with Pretty handily, and the backstory he was able to provide for the short time he was there after was awesome.

The final combat ensued and Ollysta survived, even with extra Abrikandilu Demons being summoned, and even one of the characters at my table took it to the massive Shemhazian Demon, and took a licking but kept going.

If you haven't GM'ed or played this scenario (or even if you have), I would play this in a heartbeat when offered. I cannot say enough to praise it.

Very enjoyable


We played this last evening with a party of 5, playing up without hardmode.

the party:

Half-orc bard (8), gnome paladin with mount (7), human paladin (7), aasimar cleric (7), human bloodrager (6)

The briefing and introductions were quickly made, and we had gotten the message about time pressing on us quite well. Onwards to the shenanigans

the encounters:

The traps were found by setting them off, due to pisspoor rolling of perception.
The puzzle was solved with a little hint from the GM as to the placement of the blanks.
The archons were talked to, and we avoided a fight.
We took (and charged) all the prism we found and had a little tangle with the ghost.
Then all hell broke lose, but we managed to keep Olyssa alive and fire off the weapon with 32 charges.

Ofcourse much laughter was had at some of the shenanigans


Making the paladins queasy for 4 minutes with infernal healing to remove the damage from the orb of faith trap.
Dropping a bunch of weapons on the head of the bard after she used the teleporter in the forge.
The bard being greater command to drop and her keeping to fail the willsave, even after getting tagged with a protection from evil.
The cleric spending 3 full rounds to get into the protective suit.
Throwing the bard up to the platform because we had no fly/levitate/spiderclimb available, but we did have a 10'10" large bloodrager with enough strength to throw her. Nearly critting the poor bard against the wall (natural 20 followed by a total of 4 on the confirm roll against AC 5). Having the human paladin climb the bloodrager to also get to the platform.
Setting off the weapon with 32 charges after first the gnome paladin had put in 2 charges, the bard putting in the third charge charge, then the next round the human paladin put in the fourth charge, the gnome paladin turned the key, the bard turned the key then dropped and tried to shield her head with her arms (neutral aligned, not in a suit) and the mount had a ready action: perform trick to push the activation button as soon as the second key was turned.

All in all a very well spend evening. The clues about the puzzle could have been slightly more clear, as well a little bit of a warning or more time for neutral characters to get into the suits would've been welcome.

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Announced for the end of January! Cover image is a mockup.

Webstore Gninja Minion

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Removed some commentary on the empty review (and suppressed said review).

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Come see the violence inherent in the system!

Grand Lodge RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

And now I've determined what my cleric's last scenario before hitting 10th level will be. :D

Grand Lodge

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I may be bringing my Life Oracle for this one. :)

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Now available!

It's got a hard mode; yay!

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Sovereign Court

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This scenario makes me happy. Final encounters like this one have been what I've been missing from PFS. I can't wait to run this!

Paizo Employee Developer

Daniel Flood wrote:
It's got a hard mode; yay!

Partway through outlining it I realized that if anything were going to have a hard mode in the next couple of months, this would. Enjoy!

Grand Lodge

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This may become one of my new favorite scenarios.

Shadow Lodge

That's exactly what I said.

Any chance we could get the Silver Crusade Faction Letter?

Might also have a few seats open for a PbP if anyone is interested.

Lantern Lodge RPG Superstar 2014 Top 32

Just purchased and read through: This is a fantastic scenario, really. There's so many "Oh my God, did you see ______" moments, I can't wait to run this.

Shadow Lodge

Can't wait till Nathan gets around to running this one for us.

Grand Lodge

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Yep, new favorite scenario.

I need to assemble a team to run Hard Mode for.

Scarab Sages Contributor

I have to say that I REALLY enjoyed this scenario as a player. The balance between combat and roleplaying was really nice, and the pacing was exciting, particularly at the end (which is EPIC). Great stuff!

Shadow Lodge

Since I'm prepping this to run in a few weeks and notice that the scenario never got updated - it is important for GMs to check the conversation here for a correction to the puzzle solution: lers#48

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