Mythic Mastery: The Mythic Glabrezu (PFRPG) PDF

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Can You Handle the Power?

While many consider the succubus the demon that best exemplifies temptation, it is the glabrezu—a horrible amalgamation of body parts out of a mad wizard’s worst nightmare—that is the true tempter of the abyss. These creatures corrupt mortals not only with promises of carnal pleasure, but with wealth, power, everlasting life, and any other dark and twisted wish that the mortal mind can imagine. While even the lowest of these fell creatures carries great power, and the ability to bend reality to their will in order to corrupt a mortal soul, a select few glabrezus stand out above the rest as paragons of their kind. These are the mythic glabrezu.

This books presents game statistics for a mythic glabrezu, including several unique abilities never seen elsewhere. It also contains a selection of general mythic abilities that can be given to a wide variety of monsters when they are made mythic, with a special focus on abilities that are thematically appropriate for demons, devils, and other fiendish creatures. Finally, it includes rules for performing special rituals that can be enacted by players of any class in order to summon a mythic glabrezu, which come with both specific game rules for doing so and detailed flavorful descriptions.

The Mythic Mastery series of products builds and expands on the rules for mythic characters introduced in Mythic Adventures. Each Mythic Mastery provides new content and rules for mythic games, with a focus on a single theme or area of play. While some of the content provided in Mythic Mastery products requires the use of mythic characters and a mythic adventure, others, such as those focused on exploring mythic monsters, can be used in games of every sort.

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1.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Should have known better


8 pages, half of which are cover and credits. No real content. This books is just bad and yes the $1.50 does not kill me but I and any who buy this dreck overpaid by about $1.30.

Ah... anyone from NotN want to put up a counterpoint to the 1 star review?

In general, we try to avoid directly responding to reviews, because we feel it generally comes off as unprofessional. In this particular case, there's not much to say because the only specific issue that was really brought up was the length of the product.

We do try to make the length of the product clear on the online retail sites that have a place for that information, and in the case of smaller products like this one, we always list a page count that reflects actual content, not the OGL, covers, and so on.

For those looking for an alternative opinion of the product's quality, we would recommend checking out this other review which has a few more specifics.

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