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A truly dwarven group of magical items, gemhancements bring the lore and personality of the dwarves to your game. Book of Magic: Gemhancements delivers to you a new set of rules for magic items based on gems. These unique and versatile magic items are easy to integrate into your game.

Within this 8 page PDF, you will find:

  • New rules to use and create gemhancements
  • Insight into their connections with dwarven culture
  • 4 sample dwarven made gemhancements
  • 2 groups of non-dwarven made gemhancements

Explore this uniquely dwarven type of magic items today.

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1.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Nothing of interest, nothing new


This booklet contains rules for a bland and uninteresting form of slotless magic item which lets you activate a specific spell once per day. Also, if you pour ale on them, it creates obscuring mist (for some reason... and only once per week). The "flavor" behind all this is extremely thin and uninteresting. All in all, there's really nothing in this book that a GM couldn't just add themselves - no innovative ideas or clever mechanics.

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Now available!

President, Jon Brazer Enterprises

Thanks Liz.

How do gemhancements function? I'm interested but I have something that might be similar.

President, Jon Brazer Enterprises

Want awesome dwarven gem-themed magic items? The I'm Not Going To PaizoCon Sale starts Wednesday. So you can download the Book of Magic: Gemhancements for just $1. Add it to your cart today.

President, Jon Brazer Enterprises

Be sure to pick up Book of Magic: Gemhancements while it is still $1. The I'm Not Going to PaizoCon Sale ends soon.

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