Pathfinder Battles—Legends of Golarion: Moon Beast

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Adventure Awaits in the Lands of Golarion!

The greatest heroes and most fearsome foes of the Pathfinder world come alive on your gaming table with Pathfinder Battles: Legends of Golarion, the brand new Pathfinder Battles pre-painted miniature set from Paizo Publishing and WizKids Games!

This stunning set features 55 all-new pre-painted sculpts drawn from the gorgeous art of Paizo Publishing's award-winning Pathfinder Campaign Setting, home to all official Pathfinder adventures! With figures drawn from more than 5 years of fan-favorite Pathfinder RPG releases, this set is a celebration of the world's best-selling fantasy roleplaying game!

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4.00/5 (based on 3 ratings)

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This is a great Lovecraft monster. The tentacles on the head look a little flat but otherwise no complaints. I like the sickly pink color and the bulky body.



This is the 5th creature adapted into prepainted plastic from the mind of H.P.L.

It is a unique sculpt which could have had more individual tentacles but is otherwise true to it's description.

These creatures live on the dark side of the moon in the dreamlands and use the Denizens of Leng (Lovecraft Monster #1 from RotR) as intermediary for their trade with the rest of the dreamlands and other dimensions.

The pose is good, the paint job plain but perfect.
All in all a strange mini that will not be used often but will raise eyebrows and be remembered if it is.

Plain, specific, and non-essential


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