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The Guardians of The Pharaohs

Medjay are royal guards who fuel their martial endeavors with the strength of the blessings offered to them by the pharaohs. However, in a pinch they can expend some of those blessings in order to cast powerful arcane magics. This drains the medjay considerably though and may drain them terribly. Without their magics they are mere mortals and find themselves toothless.

The Medjay Class

Egyptian themed warrior
New "ib" resource
A "full BAB" non-vancian 9 level caster?!
Egyptian campaign setting tips

Racial Favored Class Bonuses
New Feats
Amazing artwork by Konrad Dobson and François “Seigneurbacon” Chéné

Page Count: 12 (1 cover, 1 credits, 1 OGL)
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4.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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They've Really Stepped Up Their Game


Let me start by saying that my four-star review misses the fifth star based only on the fact that I tend not to give five-star reviews for anything that isn't absolutely perfect in every regard. If I was only to rate the idea and 98% of the execution, I'd have given five stars here, but a couple of minor details held it back from that point.

On to the good stuff: First, check out the art. Little Red Goblin have stepped up more than just one step here. As a talented group of game designers, I gave a pass on much of their prior products' art because I loved their dedication and the quality of their game content so much. The art is finally getting in line with the quality of the rest of the product and I'm really happy to see this. Secondly, spell checking and grammar are greatly improved, although there do remain some few errors here and there, but far fewer than in previous products, and few other people may notice them. Thirdly, the concept is near and dear to my heart and I love the points of flavor that they have provided, including providing damage bonuses only with thematic weapons, the ability to curse opponents, thematic dependence on a god-king, and undead command (to name just a few). And lastly, who in the world would have thought that Little Red Goblin (or anyone else, for that matter) would be able to come up with a full-BAB, 9-level caster that was somehow balanced? I'd hate to give away the show, but the quick gloss is that they can trade in their martial power to cast spells, bit by bit, eventually giving up all extra base attack bonus (beyond what a Wizard would get) in exchange for the ability to cast no small number of pretty cool divine spells. Kudos, too, for making Charisma the primary casting stat and keeping the presence and bearing of the character so central.

And the bad stuff: Frankly, there's not much here. One thing that I did notice is that the Medjay (a limited-list spontaneous caster like the Bard, Sorcerer, or Oracle) can eventually know up to nine (9) 0-level spells, but only five (5) are listed as being available. Beyond that, there are pretty much only the minor spelling and grammar errors, and I'm sure most people won't even notice them (I tend to be REALLY nit-picky here, so feel free to ignore this criticism).

Frankly, I'm excited about this new caster in a way that I rarely have been about new spell-casting base classes. Here's a big, "Thanks!" to the guys at Little Red Goblin Games for yet another great base class.

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A fantastic review by bruuuu. Will definitely have to pick this one up, and very happy to see some nice comments on the art within...

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