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A World Lost From Time

The world is known as Karkus. Numerous fantastic creatures thrive in the thick jungles and flat deserts, some so massive even a brachiosaur can be considered nothing more than an appetizer for its true main course. The saurian races that rule the landscape are constantly at each other’s throats. Planar rifts dotting the landscape drop through everything from demons to small continents. The vibrant landscape is fraught with danger, from razor-sharp plants to huge iron-shelled beasts. Only peering into the tangled rift known as the Chaos Web can reveal what will come next into Karkus, the land out of time.

Seven New Dinosaur/Megafauna Races

  • Alkark: Humanoid allosaurus warriors with an fierce persona.
  • Corsath: Nomadic, suspicious brachiosaurus who silently kill transgressors.
  • Dynavik: Inquisitive deinonychus who are joyfully merciless.
  • Ghiskanak Xenophobic lizardmen who disdain technology and worship ancient gods.
  • Kreyu: Proud smilodons with an insatiable curiosity and thirst for conquest.
  • Slakar: Honorable triceratops who are quick to avenge sleights.
  • Terramor: Aloof pterasaurs seeking to recapture their former glory.

New Style Feats!
Dinosaur Mounts!
Plant, Traps, and New Enemies!

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Are these like the sauriels from the Forgotten Realms?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Nope original stuff

Elrawien Lantherion wrote:
Are these like the sauriels from the Forgotten Realms?

Like Christos said, they are originally designed races.

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