Gaming Paper Adventures Map: Mega Dungeon 1

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Gaming Paper Adventures Maps can be used to build thousands of unique dungeons in practically any shape or configuration.

    The Mega Dungeon 1 set features:
  • 100 unique, highly detailed dungeon geomorphs created by fantasy cartographer extraordinaire, Christopher West. These can be arranged in hundreds of different patterns!
  • Two-sided design. One side shows unfurnished dungeon rooms for you to fill. The other side has furnished rooms imagined and rendered by Christopher West himself.
  • Permission to photocopy the tiles for personal use
  • Together, all one hundred sheets combine for a massive single mega-dungeon 10 sheets tall by 10 sheets wide. Nearly 65 square feet of playing surface.

The Mega Dungeon 1 set is featured in the “Citadel of Pain” adventure. It also will be used in a series of downloadable adventures written by industry greats such as Ed Greenwood, Monte Cook, and Steven Schend.

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5.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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