Pathfinder Cards: Chase Cards 2: Hot Pursuit!

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Make your getaways and rundowns about more than just movement speeds. This beautifully illustrated deck of 51 full-color cards gives you a new way to run chases and races in your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Whether starting your life on the run or continuing the pursuit from the original Chase Cards set, this deck presents complete rules for fleet-footed flights through city streets, wilderness trails, and dungeon corridors. Get in the race with Chase Cards 2: Hot Pursuit, and don't get left in the dust!

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-606-5

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Pathfinder Cards: Chase Cards 2: Hot Pursuit! Pathfinder Cards: Chase Cards 2: Hot Pursuit! Pathfinder Cards: Chase Cards 2: Hot Pursuit!

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5.00/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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I own both and do not even play Pathfinder!!


I have just got the second set "Chase Cards 2, Hot Pursuit".

Disclaimer I am not a Pathfinder GM/DM or player but still bought and then modify and use these in my games (Star Wars Saga Edition to whatever I am running), they are that fun and useful to me.

The guy below me (Phil) did a very detailed review and I agree with it 100%.
I want to stress the 2 faults I find with these so that maybe they can be fixed.
1. By making the backs different could mess with some gaming groups.
2. A disclaimer that these are not the only skill/ability checks that can be used. I rather promote creativity and resourcefulness. So when I do use these on the fly I do not usually offer any ideas on skills or ability checks for the players to roll. I just flip the card behind my laptop screen and describe the situation they ran into... and ask what do you do? Then by their own description I call for die rolls from there.

But I am 98% happy with these and hope for more. As the original reviewer wrote in his blog... he made sets for sewers, sea, and air chases. I would highly recommend you guys at Paizo make a set or two of these for us GM/DM's to lazy to make our own. Probably should do it before we become un-lazy and make our own lol.

Chase Cards 2; the Ideal Gaming Accessory


Chase Cards 2: Hot Pursuit is the latest release by Paizo in their Pathfinder Cards line.

The pack contains 51 unique cards depicting an obstacle, 17 each for urban, forest and dungeon environments. In addition, there are two cards of rules, a copyright card and an advert card. These Pathfinder Chase Cards are also billed as 3.5/OGL compatible. The rules that come with the cards are flexible enough to be used with just about any roleplaying game.

Chase Cards 2 feature full-colour art. The obstacle is depicted in the top half of each card. Each card also offers two possible ways to avoid or overcome the obstacle on the lower half. These options are accompanied by the name of a relevant Pathfinder skill, and the Difficulty Check value that needs to be overcome.

The cards are colour-coded for the three categories of chase, but the backs are all the same so they could be intermixed if desired. Overall the art is good, if a little stylized in places. These are simple images, but convey a good sense of the obstacle being described.

As to be expected from the title, these cards enable the GM to run chase sequences. The chase can be set up with the pursued a number of cards ahead. Essentially, participants need to overcome the obstacle shown on the card to progress with their pursuit, or flight. If the pursued can achieve a large enough lead, then they escape. Or the pursuers can catch their quarry by closing the starting gap, and thus end the chase.

Chase Cards 2 adds two special rules. Some cards offer the possibility of a short cut, enabling the participant to skip ahead 1d4 cards. Another additional rule is the chance to escape the chase, available on a few cards. Both of these rules add more variety to the chases.

The Chase Cards are such a simple, yet effective accessory. They are the perfect tool to add an exciting, cinematic contest to a game that does not focus upon killing. I have found them easy to use and the Players love taking part in a chase sequence.

Chase Cards 2: Hot Pursuit is highly recommended.

Happy Chasing

For a longer review, see my Tales of a GM blog;
Tales of a GM, Chase Cards 2 Review

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

Announced! Product image is a mockup, and will change prior to publication.

Silver Crusade

Anything different with this one? My players really liked the first.

Verdant Wheel

I hope the dungeon segment has some sewers cards, and the forest have some swamp hazards.

Looks good! :)

SOLD! I love the first set! :)

Webstore Gninja Minion

Product image and description updated.

Silver Crusade

I'm in for this one one too. The first one is awesome, and we need some new options.


I just cracked open my copy and was curious whether one of the Dungeon cards is supposed to be marked as an "Escape" card. The Forest and Urban cards both have two Shortcut cards and one Escape, whereas the Dungeon section merely has the two Shortcut cards. Did I miss something or are we just missing an symbol on one of the cards?

Shadow Lodge

So what's different about this set vs. the old one?

doc the grey wrote:
So what's different about this set vs. the old one?

Some of the scenarios presented on the cards seem a bit more ridiculous this time around. I can't recall specifics right now, but I remember reading some of them and thinking "that seems a bit unlikely in a pursuit". There was something in there about pausing to entertain a crowd at a festival or something like that which seemed particularly strange.

"hmmm, the fastest way to catch my quarry is clearly to sing a ballad to this crowd"

Well if you have to distract the crowd in order to get around them, then that card makes perfect sense.

That would get your allies through. Yourself, probably not so much. If they're all paying attention to you, they're likely to start crowding around you, making it harder for you to get through.

My job as a GM is to figure out how the actions of my PCs work effectively, not to tell them why it won't work. The elements are in the cards for creative GMs to make things happen.

The card you're speaking of specifically utilizes the "perform" skill and is one of the few if not the only one to do so. I can run through a number of scenarios where it would be effective: getting a crowd's attention so they move toward you to open your passage around them or causing a crowd to gather around to impede your opponent's progress. I can go on and on with examples because I am a creative GM, not a tyrannical one.

For those that purchased both decks, if you had to keep only one, would it be deck 1 or deck 2?

If you must say "both," what compelling reason do you have (aside from "too much use out of the first one needed fresh ideas") for saying so?

Deck one has the more standard fantasy obstacles so I'd go with that one.

It's good to have both because with one, you get a lot of repeat situations. Having both keeps things fresh.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Any chance we could get an electronic version of this for VTT?

Paizo Employee Marketing & Media Manager

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
Any chance we could get an electronic version of this for VTT?

Never say never.

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