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A Pathfinder Role Playing Game compatible adventure for characters of level 10-12.

During the beginning of the Third Cycle of the endless Abyssal War, the First Kingdom fell before the onslaught of the demons. During this long war humans and their allies fought bravely thus allowing the human race to survive the fall of this mighty kingdom. As always, the horses and canines fought alongside their beloved humans thus earning great honors from the gods of goodness. Somewhat reluctantly, the cats became involved in the war as well. While some cats went to the side of the demons, many of them elected to fight against the horrors of the abyss alongside the humans (but far away from the dogs). Some claim that the catfolk were granted sentience for the bold service of their feline ancestors during the battles of this war. Scholars, however, note that records predating the fall of the First Kingdom make mention of the catfolk-or at least a similar race.

While the First Kingdom was destroyed, the gods dispensed rewards to those heroes who survived the war. The cats that fought the demons were granted their due rewards and these included the gift of magical golden cows. According to the ancient tales, the cows produced magical milk in the morning and then an endless supply of delicious milk the remainder of the day.

While it is said that the cats received many golden cows as gifts, it is also said that eventually there was but one cow remaining. The others had been lost to chance, murder, or negligence. The last remaining golden cow was taken to the greatest Temple of the Cats to be protected by an elite guard of priests. At first, the milk of the cow was distributed freely among those visiting the temple and any cat could claim his or her share of the milk. However, the priests eventually became covetous and began to demand coin in return for the milk and even kept the magical milk for themselves.

After his subjects informed him of this transgression, the king of the cats demanded that the priests make the milk available to all cats. The priests refused and thus earned the ire of the gods.

Because of the selfishness of the priests, the gods sent their agents to curse the priests with endless thirst and to take away the golden cow. However, the just gods ruled that if a cat were cunning enough to learn the location of the golden cow, brave enough to reach it in its hidden dungeon and generous enough to share the milk, then the golden cow would be returned. The merciful gods decreed further that the rescued cow would give birth to golden calves to be shared with catkind. To ensure that the cats would have a tough time of it, the gods turned over the creation of the dungeon to Yote, a god of trickery. Unfortunately, he allowed his nephew Scradoo(best known for malicious pranks) to help design the dungeon. After it was completed, the dungeon was given appropriate canine and milk based guardians.

Since that time many a cunning cat has set out on the search for the golden cow. However, all have failed. While the very cunning were sometimes able to find it, they either perished in the dungeon or failed the final test.

Now is the time for new heroes to face the challenge of the Dungeon of Leche.

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