Pathfinder Face Cards: Reign of Winter Adventure Path

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Give life to your NPCs with Reign of Winter Face Cards! More than 50 key characters fill this gorgeously illustrated deck designed for use with the Reign of Winter Adventure Path, but suitable for use in any fantasy roleplaying game! Each card includes the character’s name, his or her role in the Reign of Winter Adventure Path, space to record key details, and artwork by Paizo’s finest illustrators. These Face Cards bring the most prominent cast members of this frigid Adventure Path to your tabletop and let your players look into the faces of the enemy!

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-580-8

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Pathfinder Face Cards: Reign of Winter Adventure Path Pathfinder Face Cards: Reign of Winter Adventure Path Pathfinder Face Cards: Reign of Winter Adventure Path

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Slavic themed cards?

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It's about time someone reviewed these cards. English is not my first language so beware of syntax and grammar errors.

These facecards are in good quality and the art is fantastic, sometimes slavic themed. The cards have the same size as MTG cards, which means card sleeves that fit are easily available. This is handy because card sleeves make them last longer. While I have no doubt that the cards are very useful while using the reign of winter adventure path, what about people that just want some nice face cards for their own campaign? The urban npc and friends & foes face cards are out of print and expensive, could these be a good alternative by themselves? Most of the cards are of female faces. Of the 38 pictures that are of "normal" races (elves, humans, etc), 24 are female. If this is good or bad depends, but there are good cards that can represent queens, evil (female) wiches, warriors and commoners. There are two dwarves, two half-elves and two elves. There are no half-orcs, halfling or gnomes. Some of the monstrous cards could go as thieflings, dryads, etc. I find 6-8 cards too weird for me to use, do we really need face cards of werevolves, dragons and weird bird creatures? The only monstrous cards I really like is the Mercane, this was a pleasent surprise because I like to use them and have a hard time describing them to the players. In three of the cards the figures are wearing early 19. hundreds clothing, which could be bad depending on the campaign.

While the artwork is excellent what pulls it down is the lack of variety of races, some almost unusable monster faces and an imbalance between the sexes. I know this review is unfair considering I never used the written adventure path that the cards were specificly made for. Still, I recommend these cards for any campaign.

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Announced! Box art may change before release.

Webstore Gninja Minion

Updated product image!

Shouldn't these should go in the Reign Of Winter section, not Wrath of The Righteous?

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Blackfingers wrote:
Shouldn't these should go in the Reign Of Winter section, not Wrath of The Righteous?

Got my wires crossed—Ignore Me! </GrandGalacticInquisitor>

With the Adventure Path specific Face Cards such as these, do the cards have any NPCs represented that don't have artwork in the adventures themselves? In other words, if I have all six volumes of the adventure path, is the value of the cards the convenience of not flipping through the book and holding it up to the players or are there cards that have NPCs that don't have art in the books?

Paizo Employee Developer

All of the art on the cards was originally published in the AP volumes. Besides the convenience of not having to flip through the books, there's the added convenience of not having to carry around all 6 volumes of the AP if an NPC takes on a larger role than in just one adventure.

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I got an extra copy of Queen Esmyra (#38/54) in the middle of my deck...I'm going to give it a buddy and watch him succumb to the addiction!

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