Slumbering Tsar 13: The Hidden Citadel, Part 5—The Mind of Chaos (PFRPG) PDF

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At the heights of evil, the player characters learn of the true depravity that was the leadership of Tsar as they venture through the perils of the College of Glazerel , the Laboratories, the Guest Chambers, and the wretched Sanctus Defilus. Here they discover what truly happened in those last horrific days of the Battle of Tsar and gain an inkling of the true secret purpose of the entire city.

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***** (based on 1 rating)

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Now available!

Frog God Games

Thanks Liz!

And reviewed here, on DTRPG (thanks to Paco of GMS magazine) and sent to GMS magazine. Also note that once the review of Part 14 is complete, I'll post the latest 3 on RPGaggression. Cheers!

Frog God Games

Thanks for all your hard work in reviewing this series, End! I think that chapter 14 will not disappoint.

You're welcome! I've already dled it and look forward to seeing how it turns out! (And I look forward to chapter 15 in my signed, numbered hardcover!) :D

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You just get it - the spirit of DnD. It would be great to game with you some time.

Elorebaen wrote:


You just get it - the spirit of DnD. It would be great to game with you some time.

*blushes*. Wow, you made my day on an otherwise rather unpleasant one. Thanks for that! I'd consider it an honor to game with you! (And I don't take things like that lightly.)

Perhaps I'll finally get a prospect for a job over in the US of A this year. Which would also enable me to finally go to Gencon, Paizocon etc.

Ahhhh, to dream...

Srsly, I think we'd see eye to eye on just about any topic related to gaming, at least as far as I could tell from your posts! Thanks again for the feedback and your kind words!

Cheers and all the best from Germany!

Now also up on RPGaggression!

Without giving too much away, is it possible to find out if there are a lot of solo monster encounters in these adventures? Or do the encounters tend to feature more than one opponent? My group is a large group (6 players) and it's possible they will have NPC's with them when going through this so fighting solo bad guys won't challenge them too much. Just curious. Thanks for any feedback!

Frog God Games

It varies widely and can (and should) be very flexible depending on party actions and/or attempts to hide their presence while in the citadel. Certain high level bosses would take appropriate action should they learn of a party of adventurers invading their home. High level adventures should not be treated as stagnant dungeon environments. Some groups might team up, while others might take a wait and see, but prep with the appropriate spells, summons, items, minions, etc. You should seek to add such for your large party. It would be harder for them to be subtle and the various BBEGs should learn of them sooner unless your players are extremely careful. Again, Greg will no doubt say more when he gets back from ReaperCon.

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