Strike Force 7 Airdrop: 5 Pieces of Retaliatory Gear (Savage Worlds) PDF

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Strike Force 7 is America’s highly trained anti-terrorist force. Its purpose: To defend the world from the forces of Skorpion: a highly trained, well-equipped, and mysterious terrorist organization bent on world conquest! Take on the role of the rugged marine, former special ops member, top of his field computer expert, or even the mysterious ninja who now works for Uncle Sam. Skorpion isn’t going to stop any time soon and neither will Strike Force 7.

Strike Force 7 Airdrop is a line of very short, cheap PDFs giving the bare bones of a set of related options. It does for rules what One Sheets do for adventures. It might be new Edges, Hindrances, Equipment, or any other short set of related rules we can cram into about a page. Short and simple, these PDFs are for COs and players who know how to integrate new ideas into their campaigns without any hand-holding, and just need fresh ideas and the rules to support them. No in-character fiction setting the game world. No charts and tables. No sidebars of explanations and optional rules. Just one sentence of explanation for the High Concept of the PDF, then the airdrop.

High Concept: Five new pieces of equipment to help members of Strike Force 7 retaliate against agents of Skorpion. Or vice-versa.

The 5 new pieces of equipment are:

  • Khepri Bombs: These small metallic insects resemble the scarab beetles sacred to the ancient Egyptians and are a new tool now being used by Skorpion infiltration agents.
  • Masks of Nephthys: The result of decades of secretive research by Skorpion R&D, the Mask of Nephthys is a nanite gel that allows the user to assume the appearance of another person.
  • Metal Vapor Torch Gloves: These gloves generate a small blade of flame in the palm of each hand that can slice through a half-inch steel bar in less than a second.
  • Phoenix Attack Cycle: This Skorpion motorcycle is not only equipped with four H&K MP7 submachine guns, but upon command the cycle can also split into six rocket propelled missiles!
  • XM40 “Zeus” Enhanced Sniper Rifle: Developed exclusively for Strike Force 7, the XM40 sniper rifle is the most powerful, versatile, and effective sniper rifle ever developed. It's unique targeting system allows the sniper to guide the round fired around corners or others forms of cover.

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