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Build the Perfect Adventure!

Be prepared for every adventure by collecting your Pathfinder Map Pack tiles in one convenient spot. Whether you're building the ultimate city, labyrinthine caverns, or an entire dungeon, have all the pieces at your fingertips with this perfect companion to the Pathfinder Map Pack series!

Maps for Every Campaign!

Make sure your campaign follows wherever your imagination takes it with the complete line of Pathfinder Map Packs. From bustling cities to deadly dungeons, Pathfinder Map Packs let you skip the mapping and get back to the most important part of the game: your adventures!

Holds 18 Map Pack Tiles—that's all of the tiles from a single Map Pack product.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-546-4

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Average product rating:

3.20/5 (based on 9 ratings)

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Mostly good


I had initially ordered ten of these, and they all folded up nicely and without clumsy me doing any damage to them.

However, some of the map packs seem to have a thicker cardstock or lamination (no, they are not just thicker from using/transporting) and those strain the box a bit much.

Anyway, I just ordered more, so yeah, mostly good...

A bit fiddly


I confess to being chronically "craft-challenged", however these are a little annoying to expand from their flattened shape. I tore a couple and creased a couple more. By the end of assembling the dozen or so I needed, I was still struggling to do it easily.

They work as advertised, but the fact there aren't a few options for design (I would have at least liked color coded urban, wilderness and dungeon options), coupled with the annoyance factor means I'm giving them a three star rating.

One pleasant surprise was that they fit twenty cards with relative ease, so the covers of the "pre-boxed" sets can have a home too.

Extremely disappointing


This product is essentially the same cardboard box that the Army Camp tile set comes in, with different art. It holds one, and only one tile set. Considering that the Army Camp set did not charge an additional $3.00 for the packaging (although it did cost an additional dollar) shows how much this product is marked up. I was also frustrated when I was carefully trying to expand the box from its flattened state, and it tore along the seam. I hate to say it, but you would be better off purchasing a box of quart storage bags for the same money.

Does exactly as advertised


You can put all those map packs neatly into these boxes. The boxes themselves are good quality, you can neatly put in the maps and label both the edges and front with a sharpie to announce what it holds. The cost is reasonable and the artwork is nice.

The lamination on these aren't as high gloss as the new map pack boxes (this may be a plus to some though due to less glare). The boxes need to have some minor folding prior to use (I sound lazy but with 30 map packs looking for a home that's alot of folding!). The artwork is not varied, some variation in cover art would have been nice but not needed.

Overall a much welcomed aid for GM's wanting to organize their maps, or for those who want to be able to place them edge out on a shelf and know the contents quickly.

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Grand Lodge

DeathQuaker wrote:
Nice. Now hopefully you'll do one for multiple packs. I've had trouble finding a case of the right size.

I use these to hold all my map packs. You can see how well they work here. I have yet to test Paizo's storage boxes in them but imagine they would help keep the individual packs separate. Right now I have to alternate stacks.

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns, Rulebook, Starfinder Maps Subscriber
Vic Wertz wrote:
But you are correct that we released 42 Map Packs before we added the box.

Good to know that I do indeed have a complete collection and that my database is accurate.

*sigh* The urge to order 42 of these is very strong.

I just ordered three of these. They look awesome and they're a welcome edition to my collection. There is only one problem:

I can't figure out how to fold them without creasing or tearing them. Does anyone have any tips? I'd hate to tear one and have to order another one.

Scarab Sages

Fold top and bottom first, once in every direction along the line, then the top and bottom fold lines.
Pus gently against the sides, then slide your fingers int the box. Gently fold one side first while your fingers prevent the other side from tearing or creasing (in a passive way). I had 46 boxes (all map packs, a collection of Dungeon Map tiles, complete encounters), none of them tore, only two have slight creases at the top.

Thanks for the advice. I've managed to fold them without too much wear and tear. There is one problem, though. The two openings aren't a perfect fit, so several smaller tiles (like the Vehicles) can slide out easily. Is this a flaw with the product, or am I just unsuccessful in folding these things the way they're supposed to be folded? I can't get the front and back to completely straighten out either: they maintain an arch-like shape.

Why they don't put detailed pictures of items...I hate this...

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