Pathfinder Battles: Emerald Spire Full Set

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Bring your adventures in the Echo Wood to life with the Pathfinder Battles: Emerald Spire Full Set! These beautifully detailed miniatures were created for use with Pathfinder Module: The Emerald Spire Superdungeon, but they can be used in any encounter that a GM may throw at their gaming group!

This set includes one of each of the following miniatures:

  • Bloodbriar Goblin Raider
  • Lavalurker
  • Shadowfire Elemental
  • Mudlord
  • Caustic Stalker
  • Emerald Automaton
  • Echo Wood Outlaw
  • Moon Spider
  • Bone Priest
  • Bugbear Sniper

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Now available! :)

Liberty's Edge

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Aren't these just the promotional miniatures all put together? is there anything different about them?

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I already bought many of these individually, looks like I may be skipping this set.

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Aren't these almost all repaints of minis from other sets?

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Dragnmoon - This Shadowfire elemental is slightly more translucent than the convention promo that was already being sold..The Bloodbriar Goblin Raider and Lavalurker also have convention promos that were currently being sold, but not the others..

People were able to get this set by backing the Pathfinder Online kickstarter in 2013..

Medriev - All the released Promo miniatures have been as far as I know...

These are pretty

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