GameMastery Item Cards: Carrion Crown Deck

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GameMastery Item Cards: Carrion Crown Deck
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Brave the night and defy its horrors with the weapons and relics of fireside legends. Tools for both battling and creating gothic monstrosities yearn to be claimed in the Carrion Crown Adventure Path. This 54-card set of beautifully illustrated, full-color item cards allows you to track your newest and most fearsome treasures in vibrant detail.

GameMastery Item Cards allow heroes to keep track of their equipment in style, and this deck is completely compatible with all of Paizo's other GameMastery Item Card sets. Each of these full-color cards features a beautiful portrait of an item on one side with space on the back to keep notes. GameMastery Item Cards are compatible with any fantasy roleplaying game.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-321-7

1 Chainmail
2 Full-Plate
3 Leather Armor
4 Black Cat
5 Books
6 Carriage
7 Chapbook
8 Coffin
9 Gavel
10 Hand Mirror
11 Harrow Deck
12 Holy Symbol
13 Holy Symbol
14 Medical Tools
15 Note
16 Shovel
17 Straight Jacket
18 Syringe
19 Torch
20 Trunk
21 Wolfsbane
22 Potion
23 Potion
24 Ring
25 Staff
26 Arrows
27 Axe
28 Crossbow
29 Dagger
30 Gaff
31 Mace
32 Pitchfork
33 Rapier
34 Scythe
35 Starknife
36 Sword
37 Whip
38 Wooden Stake
39 Apparatus
40 Spirit Board
41 Canister
42 Cape
43 Ectoplasm
44 Elixir
45 Fetish
46 Hat
47 Heart
48 Helm
49 Idol
50 Lantern
51 Puzzle Box
52 Robes
53 Scarab
54 Specimen

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4.40/5 (based on 5 ratings)

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Holy Symbol Identification.

Thank you Zaister for the information!

#12 is Pharasma, #13 Urgathoa.

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