Pathfinder Pawns: NPC Codex Box

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Pathfinder Pawns: NPC Codex Box

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Whether they be vile villains, able allies, or anything in between, the characters of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game NPC Codex come alive on your tabletop with this box-busting collection of more than 300 character pawns for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or any tabletop fantasy RPG! Printed on sturdy cardstock, each pawn contains a beautiful full-color image of a character from the NPC Codex, as well as common animal companions, and numerous never-before-illustrated characters. Each cardstock pawn slots into a size-appropriate plastic base, making it easy to use in play alongside traditional metal or plastic miniatures. With multiple pawns of the most useful characters allowing you to create every single encounter from the NPC Codex’s encounter groups appendix, the NPC Codex Box is the best way to ensure you’ve got the right characters to push your Pathfinder campaign to the next level!

In addition to being part of the Pathfinder Pawns Subscription, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game subscribers who preorder this boxed set will receive a free PDF edition of this product when the boxed edition ships. (Note that you will need to have an active Pawns or RPG subscription at the time the NPC Codex Box ships in order to receive the PDF for free.)

Cover Art by Wayne Reynolds.

ISBN 978-1-60125-472-6

Contains 20 one-inch bases for Small/Medium characters and 5 two-inch bases for Large characters, plus these pawns:
1 Savage Mercenary (2)
2 Dwarven Rager (2)
3 Axe Warrior (4)
4 Dog Rider
5 Wild Lancer
6 Forest Guardian (3)
7 Sundering Axe (2)
8 Glaive Rager
9 Raging Swimmer
10 Cannibalistic Hunter
11 Double Axe Fury
12 Giant Slayer
13 Savage Rider (2)
14 Arcane Experimenter
15 Life Stealer (2)
16 Undead Hunter (2)
17 Graceful Slayer
18 Refined Reaver
19 Death Dealer
20 Scarred Wanderer
21 Tavern Singer (2)
22 Street Performer (2)
23 Local Celebrity
24 Taunting Comedian
25 Court Poet
26 Con Artist
27 Gambler
28 Street Artist
29 Cruel Instructor
30 Seance Medium
31 Chameleon
32 Courtesan
33 Tribal Leader
34 Tunnel Drummer
35 Lion Tamer
36 Spellsword
37 Notorious Foil
38 Rival Explorer
39 Master Spy
40 Doomsayer
41 Mercenary Healer (2)
42 War Priest (2)
43 Scholar Priest
44 Shoreline Cleric
45 Noble Crusader (4)
46 Carousing Champion
47 Vivisectionist
48 Wrath Priest
49 Death Priest (2)
50 Mother of Beasts
51 Fire Cleric
52 Trickster Priest
53 Profane General
54 Sacred Guardian
55 Master of Undeath
56 Elemental Priest
57 Herald of Armageddon
58 Shadow Cleric
59 Priest of Oblivion
60 Fire Diabolist
61 Initiate of the Flame (2)
62 Sail Master
63 Sylvan Protector (2)
64 Savage Plant Sage
65 Cavern Defender
66 Evasive Slip
67 Island Defender
68 Sea Captain
69 Mud Shaman (2)
70 Water Merchant
71 Mistress of High Places
72 Castaway
73 Fey Friend
74 Fury of Flame
75 Creeping Death
76 Taiga Stalker
77 Hateful Scourge
78 Dark Nature Priest
79 Rage Flame
80 Earthfather
81 Superstitious Mercenary (3)
82 Daring Bravo (2)
83 Traitorous Brigand (3)
84 Murderous Halfling
85 Cautious Archer
86 Adventuring Blacksmith
87 Spell Hunter (2)
88 Fastidious Sharpshooter
89 Halfling Slinger (2)
90 Griffon Rider
91 Scheming Fencer (4)
92 Shieldbreaker
93 Brutal Warlord
94 Arcane Pretender
95 Pirate King
96 Dwarven Arbalester (2)
97 Elven Recluse
98 Failed Disciple
99 Crime Lord
100 Infernal Champion
101 Careful Initiate (3)
102 Bullying Brawler (2)
103 Vigilant Bodyguard
104 Spry Ambusher (3)
105 Cruel Devotee
106 Nimble Shuriken Thrower
107 Harrying Brute
108 Axe Dancer (2)
109 Steadfast Defender
110 Cautious Hunter
111 Poisonous Performer (2)
112 Swift Brawler
113 Monastic Sniper
114 Little Fist (2)
115 Improvised Hurler (2)
116 Horse Monk
117 Warren Chief
118 Grove Guardian
119 Sword Savant
120 Ageless Master
121 Callous Rake (2)
122 Honorable Outcast (2)
123 Haughty Avenger
124 Skirmishing Crusader (2)
125 Hammer of Justice
126 Holy Archer
127 Dog Rider Knight
128 Desert Protector
129 Saintly Knight
130 Pious Guard (4)
131 Elven Honorblade
132 Forge Rider
133 Dragon Smiter
134 Rider of the Steppe
135 Giant Hunter
136 Mounted Paragon (4)
137 Axe Lord
138 Furious Crusader
139 Mithral Master
140 Demon Hunter
141 Novice Scout (3)
142 Town Watcher (3)
143 Poacher
144 Border Guard
145 Mounted Archer
146 Tunnel Rat
147 Mountaineer
148 Orc Slayer
149 Swampwalker (2)
150 Pirate Queen
151 Giant-Killer (2)
152 Bounty Hunter
153 Fiendslayer
154 Desert Stalker (4)
155 Angel Slayer
156 Undead Slayer (3)
157 Daredevil Hunter
158 Golem-Breaker
159 Mage Hunter
160 Supreme Hunter
161 Cutpurse (2)
162 Skulking Brute (2)
163 Skilled Sniper
164 Charlatan
165 Guild Initiate (3)
166 Cave Stalker
167 Freelance Thief
168 Trapsmith (2)
169 Deadly Spy
170 Dancing Dervish
171 Contract Killer (2)
172 Dilettante
173 Guildmaster
174 Chain Mauler
175 Unseen Archer
176 Mage Slayer
177 Masked Lord
178 Dagger Master
179 Death Whisperer
180 Blade Lord
181 Mercenary Magician (2)
182 Gem Sorcerer (2)
183 Whiteclaw Sorcerer
184 Tainted Sorcerer
185 Bramble Sorcerer
186 Storm Sorcerer
187 Bloodfire Sorcerer
188 Trickster Mage
189 Sacred Sorcerer
190 Blackscale Sorcerer (3)
191 Lucky Mage
192 Fey Enchantress
193 Azure Bolt Sorcerer (2)
194 Ice Mage
195 Diabolical Charmer
196 Natural Arcanist
197 Fiery Dragonkin
198 Demon-Blooded Sorcerer
199 Fate-Bound Mage
200 Arisen Sorcerer
201 Cautious Mage (2)
202 Street Magician
203 Battle Mage (2)
204 Investigator Wizard
205 Jungle Wizard
206 Tribal Seer
207 Thunder Wizard
208 Seductive Enchanter
209 Cave Wizard
210 Prankster Illusionist
211 Undead Creator
212 Toothy Transmuter
213 Pyromaniac Mage (2)
214 Mage Sniper
215 Cruel Conjurer
216 Deep Marshal
217 Mage Spy
218 Grand Necromancer
219 Puppet Master
220 Master Universalist
Prestige Classes
221 Green Warden
222 Tournament Champion
223 Undead Bane
224 Chaos Arrow
225 Stage Magician
226 Arcanothief
227 Vaultbreaker
228 God Stealer
229 Sacred Killer
230 Death Initiate (3)
231 Murderous Scythe
232 Fatal Axe
233 Storm Prophet
234 Acid Terror
235 Dragon Chieftain
236 Ice Maiden
237 Tribal Champion
238 Feisty Hotspur
239 Iron Duelist
240 Master Duelist
241 Queen of Staves
242 Champion of Magic
243 Spirit Avenger
244 Mithral Wizard
245 Divine Loremaster
246 Nature Scholar
247 Master Historian
248 Demonologist
249 Celestial Theurge
250 Sound Warrior
251 Death Master
252 Holy Battle Mage
253 Aloof Scholar
254 Mad Prophet
255 Master Storycrafter
256 Battle Skald
257 Blackstrike
258 Midnight Dancer
259 Black Ice
260 Darkstar
NPC Classes
261 Acolyte
262 Shaman
263 Initiate (3)
264 Doom Prophet
265 Enforcer
266 Guru
267 Hermit
268 Heretic
269 Healer
270 Cultist
271 Page
272 Princess
273 Squire
274 Heir Apparent
275 Falconer
276 Officer
277 Mayor
278 Diplomat
279 Knight
280 King
281 Beggar (6)
282 Pig Farmer
283 Miner
284 Accomplished Angler
285 Barmaid
286 Shopkeeper
287 Ruffian
288 Village Elder
289 Constable
290 Traitor
291 Apprentice Jeweler (3)
292 Old Sailor
293 Seasoned Trapper
294 Journeyman Carpenter
295 Sapper
296 Expert Blacksmith
297 Successful Merchant (2)
298 Wise Sage
299 Cutthroat Lawyer (4)
300 Master Entertainer
301 Recruit (6)
302 Brigand
303 Guard (4)
304 Veteran Buccaneer (6)
305 Tavern Champion
306 Grizzled Mercenary
307 Expert Bodyguard (2)
308 Aloof Archer
309 Cavalry Soldier (4)
310 Gladiator Champion
311 Amiri, Barbarian
312 Lem, Bard
313 Kyra, Cleric
314 Lini, Druid
315 Valeros, Fighter
316 Sajan, Monk
317 Seelah, Paladin
318 Harsk, Ranger
319 Merisiel, Rogue
320 Seoni, Sorcerer
321 Ezren, Wizard
Animal Companions
322 Small Dinosaur
323 Pony
324 Small Cat
325 Small Bird
326 Small Boar
327 Medium Constrictor
328 Small Bear
329 Camel
330 Small Dog
331 Medium Badger
332 Medium Shark
333 Medium Viper
334 Medium Big Cat
335 Medium Wolf
336 Large Ape
337 Horse
338 Medium Crocodile
339 Medium Small Cat
340 Large Constrictor
341 Medium Dog
342 Medium Boar
343 Medium Bear
344 Large Cat
345 Medium Dinosaur
346 Large Wolf

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Pawns Subscription.

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3.90/5 (based on 12 ratings)

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NPCs (and PCs!) at a Snap!


The NPC Codex Box has become, next to the Bestiary set and an adventure path set, the collection of Pathfinder pawns I actually use the most frequently at the gaming table. The reasons why will become clear in a moment, but first I'll go over the usual rigmarole for those who aren't familiar with Paizo pawns.

Each pawn is a thick cardboard token with the name and artwork of a particular character or monster on both sides. The pawns fit into plastic bases that match the size the creature should take up on a regular 1" grid. The pawns are quite durable and they're a much more cost-effective and manageable way to get a wide variety of tokens than trying to collect individual plastic miniatures. An index on the back of the box matches the numbering of the tokens, so it's easy to find what you're looking for. The NPC Codex Box comes with over 300 pawns; many are unique, but there are multiples of some (for example, there are six "Beggar" pawns and two "Cautious Mages"). The box also comes with a couple of dozen of small/medium-sized bases and five large bases. There aren't any Huge-sized or larger creatures in the box. The collection matches the entries in the NPC Codex, a Pathfinder book that contains full stat-blocks for NPCs from levels 1-20 of each core class. With the book and the pawn box together, finding an appropriate NPC in the middle of a session becomes a snap.

I would guess roughly two-thirds of the pawns in the box are devoted to the core classes, with each class receiving twenty distinct pawns. The artwork is high quality, but I'm not convinced it always matches the description. The "War Priest" pawn, for example, just looks to me like a standard dwarf warrior, and there's nothing particularly flame-related in the image of the "Fire Cleric." The "Charlatan" looks like your typical back-alley rogue and the "Masked Lord" isn't even wearing a mask! There are a lot of little problems like this, so I wouldn't take the descriptions too literally when trying to pick a pawn for a particular purpose.

The prestige classes get a full forty distinct pawns, and I have to admit there are some awesome images with the set. I think if I were stuck for a character concept, I could just browse the pawns in the box and instantly get a couple of cool ideas. I should also mention that, with a few exception, the vast majority of images used are of the core races.

My biggest beef with the set is the fifty distinct pawns devoted to the NPC classes. These cover a variety of mundane professions, like beggar, diplomat, barmaid, mayor, guard, etc. The problem I have is that the artwork makes them all take dramatic poses, most look quite athletic, and several are armed. In short, many look more like adventurers than the sort of everyday-folk you would come across in a normal town. The barmaid is suddenly a supermodel wearing a revealing outfit with a "come hither" look, the diplomat has a sword on his belt and a cape blowing dramatically in the wind, the "recruit" has full-plate armor and a magic glowing axe, and even the "village elder" is a half-orc with a spear. Not every single pawn falls into this category, but there just isn't much in the way of variety in terms of body-type (no one's fat), social class (almost everyone is stylishly dressed), or posture (everyone looks like they're ready for something dramatic to happen in the next moment). I don't want to make a mountain out of a molehill, but I wish there were more that could easily blend into the background (just like in cinema, directors don't want to hire extras who are too distinctive and noticeable because it draws the viewers away from the actors).

The next eleven tokens are incredibly useful: each of the Iconics for the Core Rulebook classes. If you play PFS, you can imagine how often these would come out.

Finally, there's a collection of about twenty-five animal companions. Animals aren't really what one thinks about when it comes to NPCs, but it's really handy to have tokens for cats, dogs, horses, birds, camels, and more exotic things like constrictor snakes and even dinosaurs. I'm not a fan of the "pet" classes, but when people at my table do play them, it's good that they can find the token they need.

This is the box that I bring out when I'm running a game and someone has a new character and needs a pawn. It's easy to sort through and find something that fits the bill. As I said, I wish some of the artwork fitted the label better and that some of it was more "normal" instead of high-adventure, but all in all this set has become indispensable. It's well-worth the purchase, whether you have the accompanying book or not.

A Necessary Set


I have always loved the idea behind the Pathfinder Pawns, but even with a Bestiary Boxes 1 and 2 and a few Adventure Path pawn sets, I didn't really use them that often. Most of the time I stuck to my old minis, for two main reasons.
1) A lot of the common monsters like kobolds, hobgoblins, and bugbears were poorly represented in pawns. There just weren't very many of them!
2) There wasn't a great variety of potential PC's.

This box solves problem 2! This is a great set and a must own. Such a huge variety of characters from the common PC races. Plus a lot of great potential NPC's. Adding some animals is nice too.

If you are new to Pathfinder Pawns and don't know where to start, here's what I recommend:

1) Monster Codex
2) NPC Codex
3) Summon Monster
4) Bestiary Box 1

These four will give you a solid base of almost everything you need. Everything else you get after that will add variety and zest to your pawn collection.

Gorgeous set of pawns for NPCs & PCs alike!!!


The NPC Codex box contains a stunning selection of individual pawns that may be used for players or NPCs. At the start of every session, I pass the NPC Codex Box around and let the players choose their pawn. The players love digging thru the box almost as much as I love sorting it for NPC pawns. Combine this box with the new Inner Sea Pawn Box for the various factions and cults to have every pawn you'll need to keep your Golarion campaign running fresh for years to come!

A colorful collection of minis


If you use miniatures and need a lot of colorful unique NPCs or PCs for your players than this is the set for you. Based on the NPC codex book, you will find all the previous artwork and more. Some double (like the guards), many don’t. All the core races are included, as well as some animals. With these alone can build an orc army, a dwarven megaforge, an eleven city, a medieval palace or a diversified metropolis.

It’s short on obvious specific cultists though, so if you need to run through the head church of Zon-Kuthon, this will not be enough. Unless you want to go on these with a magnifying glass, there is no point in heavily distinguishing the races. You may have a hard time telling apart the halflings from the gnomes, but I didn’t care and just lobed them into one bag.

The only real gripe I have is with the punch-out quality. If you are not careful enough, the imperfect cutout can damage the token. I had to fix a dozen tokens with glue (hence the -1 star), and even more needed their edges trimmed with scissors. So take care on your first go.

A little disappointed and misrepresented.


Why are there no pictures featuring mounts for the Mounted Archer, Griffon Rider, Savage Rider, ext?

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Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I could, but shipping is ugly and you usually end up having to go through VAT + customs procedure, because not books but games.

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

We have a restock coming—it should be here in under a month.

I've done some dividers for storage for anyone with a 3D printer. You can find them here:

Does anyone know when or if it's going to be reprinted? Me and my friends were hoping to get it.

You can still get the box on the secondary market, but you better act quick.

Only the PDF is available? Does that mean this will never be sold as a physical item anymore?

Liberty's Edge

Seconding the questions - is this going to be sold as a physical item in the future?

I would also like to see this product in production again. Please bring it back.

If this came back in physical form that would be great!

Vic Wertz wrote:
We have a restock coming—it should be here in under a month.

Have I missed this, or has it not been yet? Comments are making me think the latter. Thanks to whoever answers.

EDIT: Wait I'm an idiot it's not 2016 anymore.

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Adding my voice: reprint, reprint, reprint!

Liberty's Edge

Checking back...again. Still want to purchase this box.

Let me add my vote for a reprint.

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Obviously, when I said in February that it would be here in a month I was mistaken—all I can assume is that I was looking at the wrong line on the schedule. We're still awaiting a ship date from the printer; odds are good it will arrive sometime between August and October.

Seems like an item that should always be stocked, like the bestiary boxes.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Maps, Pathfinder Accessories, Pawns, Starfinder Society Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Hoping this comes soooooon

Dark Archive

Any more info when this will be re-issued? I have been coming back to this page everyday, multiple times a day, for months. Can you give me something?

For months?! Yikes. I've just been looking for them and the silly money the Codex and Bestiary 1 are going for on Ebay, etc is insane.

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

2 people marked this as a favorite.

It's currently scheduled to arrive in early October.

Dark Archive

Cool, Ty. I am extremely happy now. Ty.

YEEEEESSSSS!!! Psyched to get this product!

Any chance of a new reprint anytime soon for the NPC Codex Box?

I second Shednazar's request.

I would definitely like this to be in stock again. The price on amazon and ebay is... well ridiculously inflated.

For those interested, I started a thread about a year and a half ago about making your own pawns from the out-of-print Monster Codex Pawns PDF. Monster Codex Pawns I was unable to find a physical copy so I did the next best thing. I think they turned out pretty well. Others in the thread had their own methods that would probably work equally well. Anyway, that's my 2 cents and I'll hush.

I would also love it if this box was back in stock.

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