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The Cargo Docks map depicts a crowded freight storage and loading area featuring a veritable maze of cargo containers for a sci-fi or near-future game setting. This map connects seamlessly with other Mass Transit maps to form an expansive gaming area for urban spaceport adventure.

This 22-inch by 34-inch image, originally seen in print on the second Mass Transit poster, is based on a 1-inch grid for miniatures games. Included in the download are versions with and without colored terrain indicator lines, and two variant maps: one showing the Cargo Docks without the overhead crane, and one with most of the freight containers cleared away to reveal the deck plating and railway tracks beneath.

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Liberty's Edge

I highly recommend this product, and all off the map products by Christopher West. These maps really are superb.

Also, he's just announced a Kickstarter project for Mass Transit III (a new 22x34 double-sided poster map) and Surveillance Station (a tile set for building remote outposts).

I don't know Mr. West personally. I just like his maps. A lot.

The link to his Kickstarter project is here.

Liberty's Edge

Thanks, Heymitch! Mass Transit III should be available here in the Paizo store very soon.

Webstore Gninja Minion

Now available in PDF form!

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