The Defenders of Midgard (4E)


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The Defenders of Midgard sourcebook for Dungeons & Dragons is here, expanding the world of Midgard for 4th edition D&D!

This 24-page, full-color sourcebook includes:

  • 7 new classes for 4e D&D: Clockwork Mage, Corsair, Emissary, Midgard Elementalist, Pantheist Priest, Planewalker, and Siege Mage
  • Gearforged Racial Powers, plus new builds and options that work especially well in the Midgard Campaign Setting
  • New Backgrounds
  • 2 new Schools of Magic (Clockwork Magic and Glyph Magic)
  • New Midgard gear, designed for easy adaptation to a homebrew campaign or another published setting

Designers Richard Green and Brian Liberge have really pulled out the stops for this one. D&D players now have a toychest that offers more options and new powers well-suited to adventure in a Dark World of Deep Magic.

More Midgard madness for 4th Edition D&D:

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